Beachcombing Magazine and Beachcombing Club support the creation of a series of online talks and casual meetups where speakers and beachcombers share their enthusiasm and expertise, show what they find, and what they do with their treasures. Beachcombing Club members can interact with superstar speakers in real-time in interactive, livestreamed events. 

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Past Events: 

2023 International Sea Glass Festival Meetup in Mystic, Connecticut

sea glass festival events

It was fun getting together with Club members at the International Sea Glass Festival in Mystic the last weekend in July! What a fun get together on Friday — so glad we had such a great turnout. It was nice putting faces to names, getting to meet some of you before frenzy of the festival started, and meeting up around town all weekend. 

Shelling in the Mangrove Forest with Sarah Rosenbaum

After Sarah's video premiered, she answered questions in a live Q&A.

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Extreme Beachcombing with John Anderson

This video premiere was followed by a reception and live Q&A with John Anderson.

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Fossil Hunting Along the Jurassic Coast

This live talk was followed by a reception and live Q&A with Sam and Jason.

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A quick look at some of the highlights from Beachcombing Club in 2022

Medieval Moat-larking with Jason Sandy and Q&A

Imagine if you were given the opportunity to go beachcombing in the drained moat of a medieval castle in Europe.

That once-in-a-lifetime chance was given to Jason Sandy and friends who were asked by the Museum of London and Historic Royal Palaces to conduct an archaeological survey of the moat surrounding the ancient Tower of London castle which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jason shared his experience mudlarking at the Tower of London at the 2022 Beachcombing Holiday Festival.

Extreme Sea Glass Hunting with Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy

Sailing Around the World in Search of Undiscovered Sea Glass Beaches

Join us for a trip to a remote sea glass beach in the Caribbean with Ky Davis. This video takes you down flooded streets, off-road trails, down a cliffside, and into underwater caves, where Ky finds beautiful, rare sea glass and more. You'll get a peek at his life living on his sailboat as he travels the seas to find untouched sea glass beaches. Ky shared his adventures in extreme sea glass hunting at the 2022 Beachcombing Holiday Festival.

Coastal Candy Cane Tie-It Workshop

Why Knot? Because you can! This fun nautical ornament project is easy for any skill level. 

Join us for a free online knot tying workshop, where Christine Crawford leads us step-by-step to create Coastal Candy Canes using nautical rope, wire, and a few finishing supplies. This video shows how to make the candy canes,where you’ll learn to backsplice to finish your treasure using household tools and easy-to-get supplies. This fun DIY craft workshop was part of the 2022 Beachcombing Holiday Festival.

A Sea of Colors

Ever wondered where the  many colors of sea glass come from? This video shares beautiful images and information about the many sources of the rainbow of colors found in beach glass. This video was part of the 2022 Beachcombing Holiday Festival

wine in front of fire

2022 Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival Meetup

The rain couldn't keep us from getting together after Saturday's show in Santa Cruz. Thanks to everyone who brought drinks and snacks to share in front of the warm fire! 

meetup in erie pennsylvania

2022 Great Lakes Beach Glass Festival Meetup

It was great getting together with Club member from near and far at El Amigo restaurant in Erie after Saturday's show! Thanks to everyone for making the trip to the beautiful shores of Lake Erie and for joining us for a fun and relaxing evening!

Chicago History Podcast Watch Party

Join beachcomber Christine Solorio and Chicago History Podcast host Tommy Henry as they discuss La Sirena, the secret mermaid along the shores of Lake Michigan, and Christine’s historical beachcombing finds.

Before you watch this video, watch "Chicago's Secret Mermaid & Urban Beachcombing with Christine Solorio" below. Then come back and join this watch party and Q&A.

Thank you to Tommy Henry for the fun info about La Sirena. Follow Tommy on Instagram and Facebook @chicagohistorypod. Thanks to Christine Solorio for sharing her Beachcombing adventures. Follow Christine on Instagram @chicitybeachgal.

antique bottle and lid found in chicago

And if you can identify the lid in "Chicago's Secret Mermaid & Urban Beachcombing with Christine Solorio" or the bottle in the Watch Party video, contact Tommy and Christine to let them know what they are!

nasga meetup

2022 North American Sea Glass Festival Meetup 

During the North American Sea Glass Festival weekend we met up at the Maumee Bay Resort to get to meet our fellow club members, share some food and drinks, and show off our pirate finery!

candle making meetup

2022 Eastern Shore Sea Glass Festival Candle Workshop 

It was so great getting together with new and old friends at the Eastern Shore Sea Glass Festival. We got to hang out for drinks and dinner, plus we had a private candlemaking workshop with Mary McCarthy from When’s Low Tide. So much fun meeting everyone, touring The Beachcombing Center, and crafting!

Enjoy a look back at Beachcombing Club highlights from 2021:

2021 Beachcombing Holiday Festival 

The Beachcombing Festival included a series of online video premieres on YouTube and live talks and interactive Q&A sessions on Zoom. Watch all the Festival videos in one place on YouTube or click on the videos below. Recordings from live presentations will be posted in the future. Learn more ›

Strangest Finds from the Thames with Jason Sandy

Catch this presentation by mudlark Jason Sandy where he shares some of the strangest things found in the River Thames by London mudlarks. From prehistoric bones to a watch found in a shark, Jason shares a huge range of some of the most unexpected and bizarre finds from the river.

Virgin Sea Glass Studio Tour with Mary Louise "Wiesy" Lauffer

Mary Louise “Wiesy” Lauffer is a lifelong beachcomber who has built an enviable collection of sea glass from Delaware, Massachusetts, and the Virgin Islands. Come take a peek at her collection, take a tour of her studio, and get a look at the beautiful jewelry, art, and more that she has created from the pieces in her collection.

Beachcombing in Seaham and Drilling Sea Glass for Jewelry with Paula Newman from PeblsRock

Paula from @PeblsRock takes us on a virtual sea glass hunting trip to one of her favorite beaches. Once she gets home, relax as Paula sorts her treasures and then takes us through step-by-step to make jewelry with some of her sea glass finds.

Q&A with PeblsRock and Aloha Sea Glass Studio Tour

Join sea glass collectors and jewelers Paula Newman and Marylou Forrest for a Q&A and studio tour. Watch "Beachcombing in Seaham with Paula of PeblsRock" above then watch this video to join the reception with Paula and take a virtual tour of Marylou’s Aloha Sea Glass studio.

    Beachcombing in the Shadow of Diamond Head with Richard MacPherson

    Come along with Richard MacPherson on an easy, breezy beachcombing trip to one of his favorite beaches in Hawaii.

    Hydraulic Press Demo with Su Kirk from Seahag101

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Su Kirk from Seahag101 creates the beautiful, sculptural silver settings in her Pacific Northwest studio for her sea glass jewelry.

    Sea Glass Mosaic Workshop with Jackie Trimper, Sea Glass Mosaic Artist

    Learn how to create a one-of-a-kind gift using sea glass, a thrift-shop frame, and craft materials in a short how-to demo from mosaic artist Jackie Trimper. List of supplies ›

    The Eclectic Beachcombing Collection of Tina Terry from Teal Bamboo

    Tina’s work has enabled her to travel and comb many beaches from Japan to California and beyond. Get a peek at the glass floats, sea glass, seashells, fossils, and more eclectic pieces in her collection.

    Japanese Fishing Float Factory Tour with Christina Sawka of Reverse Gem

    Join Christina Sawka from Reverse Gem on a tour through the Asahara Glass Factory in Japan. You will learn about the history of glass floats that came from this factory 100 years ago, along with a demo on how floats are created and rope nets are attached.

    Live Q&A with Tina from TealBamboo and Christina from Reverse.Gem

    Join beachcombers Tina Terry and Christina Sawka who have wonderful collections of beachcombing finds from Japan. They share some of their adventures in two videos and then join viewers and friends for a Q&A and reception. Watch Eclectic Collecting with @TealBamboo and Japanese Glass Floats with Christina Sawka from Reverse.Gem before you watch this video.

      Beachcombing in Florida 

      If you have always wanted to go shelling in Florida, join Sharmon Simonetti from SWF Beach Life for a fun trip to Florida beaches to learn more about the shells and creatures there. Watch "Beachcombing in Florida with SWF Beach Life" for a fun escape to the beaches of Florida.

      Nightlarking with Jason Sandy

      Follow mudlark Jason Sandy and some mudlarking friends down to the foreshore of the River Thames after dark as they search for long-lost treasures. This video was part of the North American Sea Glass Festival 2021 Virtual Festival. Learn more ›

      Live Q&A with Jason Sandy

      After the premiere, Jason answered questions and spoke more about his adventures and collection on Zoom. 

      Sea Glass Lantern Workshop with Mary McCarthy

      Get a sneak peek of the new museum at The Beachcombing Center followed by a fun hands-on craft. Gather your supplies and craft along with us. This event was part of the North American Sea Glass Festival 2021 Virtual Festival. Learn more › 

      Lantern Project Supplies:

      • Decorative Candle Lantern. Example ›
      • Miscellaneous flat beach glass finds
      • E6000 clear glue. Sample ›
      • toothpicks or wooden skewers/chopsticks
      • votive candle 

      Sail away with Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy

      All aboard for an adventure with Ky Davis and his faithful sidekick LC as they sail their boat in search of beachcombing treasures. Watch Ky's fun, fast-paced video and see the live chat replay. Everyone was invite afterward for a reception with Ky on Zoom. Thank for the fun adventure!

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      Mudlarking in London 

      Jason Sandy @jasonmudlark took us on a virtual beachcombing trip along the shores of the Thames and shares some of his favorite treasures he has found in the river. Head over to YouTube where you can watch the video and see the live text chat with Jason. The premiere was followed by a live Q&A and VIP reception for Gold club members who asked Jason about his favorite finds, the mudlarking community in England, and more.

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      A Visit to Kirkcaldy, Scotland 

      Nicole and Craig from Scottish Mudlarking took us on a trip to the beaches of Kirkcaldy, Scotland, to search for colorful spongeware pottery. Watch the YouTube premiere where you can watch the video and live text chat with Nicole and Craig on YouTube. The premiere was followed by a live Q&A and VIP reception for Gold club members who asked Nicole and Craig about other special pieces in their collection.

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      Beach Art Watering Can Windchime Workshop

      In this art/craft workshop we created a watering can and beach finds wind chime. Mary McCarthy from When's Low Tide and Lori Julian at Chicken Point Studio guided us step-by-step to create a fun art piece made with beach-found materials.

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      Beach Marble Identifications 

      Stephen Bahr is a marble enthusiast with extensive knowledge about marbles from around the world, with a specialty in American machine-made marbles. He teamed up with Beachcombing Club member and urban beachcomber Christine Solorio to take us on a trip to the beach to find marbles and identify their origins. Subscribe to Stephen's YouTube channel to learn all about vintage machine-made marbles.

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      "Sharing the Aloha Spirit"
      Sea Glass Jewelry Making with Marylou Forrest 

      Marylou Forrest of Aloha Sea Glass has an enviable collection of sea glass she has found on beaches from California to England that she makes into beautiful jewelry. In this video, she takes us through all the steps to bezel set a piece of beautiful sea glass and create a sterling silver ring. You’ll also get a peek at some of her favorite finds in Marylou's collection. Watch "Sharing the Aloha Spirit" on YouTube today to see the Q&A chat replay with Marylou.

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      "Wading for Treasures"
      River beachcombing with Jane Eastman

      Jane Eastman @myordinarytreasure, who beachcombs in the shallow streams of southern England, takes us on a video virtual beachcombing trip to some of her favorite treasure hunting spots and shares some of her best finds in her collection. Watch "Wading for Treasures" on YouTube today to see the Q&A chat replay with Jane.

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