"Wading for Treasures" with Jane Eastman

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Thanks to everyone who came to the premiere of "Wading for Treasures" featuring Jane Eastman @myordinarytreasure, who takes us on a trip to some of her favorite rivers in England, where she finds treasures buried in the silt of the riverbed for centuries. She also shows some of her favorite pieces in her collection, sharing information about where they came from originally and a bit of their history. Click above or watch on YouTube

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Thanks to Jane for these fun prizes for attendees!

live event prizes

  • Collection of five late 19th/early 20th century bottles in aqua glass, including an iodine phial, Eiffel Tower Lemonade powder, Mason's Extract (herb beer), Daddies Sauce (table sauce), and Owbridge's Lung Tonic.
  • Collection of river finds, including an "anglers" fish-scales pipe bowl (late 19th century), a gaming "dib" or "gob," aqua sauce stopper, lead soldier, Codd marble, 1917 George V penny, and a river key.
  • Antique Codd bottle, circa 1900, from United Aerated Water Co. Ltd. with the pictorial of a local 15th century monument, known as the Buttercross. 


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Jane Eastman

Jane’s love of treasure hunting began as a child finding old bottles and fossils along the field edges of the Hampshire countryside where she grew up. After graduating in Fine Art, she has worked in various analytical and creative roles, and her latest goal in life is to find a complete seventeenth-century onion bottle in a river. Find her on Instagram @myordinarytreasure.

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