Create a One-of-a-Kind Sea Glass Gift for Under $10

Online Exclusive

By Jackie Trimper

Learn how to create a one-of-a-kind gift using sea glass, a thrift-shop frame, and craft materials in a short how-to demo from mosaic artist Jackie Trimper.

This presentation was part of the 2021 Beachcombing Holiday Festival on November 27, 2021. You can watch all the Festival videos in one place on YouTube.

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materials for a sea glass mosaic on picture frame

List of Materials

Following are the materials that Jackie uses in her project, but feel free to adapt the design and include whatever materials and colors you prefer!

  • picture frame with glass - new or from a thrift shop
  • paint for frame if it needs it
  • clear silicone caulk
  • green sea glass
  • clear sea glass
  • brown sea glass
  • white sea pottery
  • blue sea glass
  • red glitter paint (optional)
  • gold glitter paint (optional)
  • paintbrushes
  • craft sticks, chopsticks, or toothpicks to remove excess caulk
  • suction cup hook to hang in a window
  • eye hooks
  • picture hanging wire

seal picture frame for sea glass mosaic

Ahead of time: 

  • Clean and paint your frame if needed.
  • Add a bead of silicone caulk along all four edges of the glass on the back side of frame to securely attach the glass to the frame. Let it dry and set for 24 hours.

Learn from Jackie how to make a Sea Glass Mosaic Sailboat.

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About Jackie Trimper

jackie trimper

Jackie Trimper

Jackie grew up in Prince Edward Island and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been collecting sea glass her whole life and creating sea glass mosaic art for over ten years. As a retired psychologist, sea glass has become a hobby turned obsession, as she spends hours of her time creating art with sea glass. Find her online at Articles ›

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