Beach Finds Watering Can Suncatcher

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March 27: Beach Finds Watering Can Suncatcher

Join us for a live art/craft workshop to create a watering can and beach finds suncatcher. Mary McCarthy from When's Low Tide and Lori Yarbrough at Chicken Point Studio will guide us step-by-step to create a fun art piece made with beach-found materials. Limited to the first 100 registrants. Register today ›

Win a driftwood candleholder!

when's low tide candle holder

Beachcombing Club members who participate in the workshop will be entered to win a When's Low Tide candle and Chicken Point Studio driftwood candle holder. 


You can purchase your own materials list will or you can buy a DIY kit.

  • Metal watering can with a removable shower head on the spout. You can also use an antique metal coffee pot, tea pot, or other fun container with a spout that has multiple holes in it. 
  • 10 yards 25 to 50-pound tested fishing line  
  • 60-75 lightweight pieces of flat sea glass, sea pottery, seashells, and/or other beach finds, beads, etc.
  • 1 oz. E6000 glue
  • Painter’s tape
  • Toothpicks
  • Template (see below)
  • Tweezers (optional)

Before the event, please download, print out, and tape together a template for laying out your pieces and gluing them down. There are two sizes to select from, depending on the length of strands that you want. You can print them out at actual size or scale them to fit your design. 

Mary is the owner of When’s Low Tide, where she creates hand-poured candles incorporating beach finds from around the world. She is also Executive Director of The Beachcombing Center and Vice President and Education Chair of the North American Sea Glass Association.

Lori is the artist behind Chicken Point Studio, purveyor of sea glass, driftwood, nautical and coastal art, and home decor. Her shop started on tiny Tilghman Island, located in Maryland. She creates beautiful art pieces from the items she finds along the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay.

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