Beachcombing would not be possible without the contributions from writers and photographers around the world, who bring their stories of the beach and their beach finds through their articles on the pages of the magazine. Learn more about these talented beachcombers, mudlarks, artists, experts, and collectors below. Learn about submitting to the magazine.


Kirsti Scott

Kirsti Scott

Kirsti Scott is the Editor and Publisher of Beachcombing and the owner of Etched by the Sea Inc. She is a board member of the North American Sea Glass Association and The Beachcombing Center, founder of Beachcombing Club and the Virtual Beachcombing Festival, and a member of the Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club. Kirsti Scott is an artist, graphic designer, and avid beachcomber. She lives on the central coast of California on Monterey Bay with her husband, Matt, a couple of cats, and occasionally their three grown children. She has degrees in Economics from Stanford University and Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design.

beachcombing organizations

Penni Albarran

Penni Albarran

Penni Albarran lives with her husband, Juan, in Thousand Oaks, California. Piecing and designing quilts has been her hobby for over 25 years, and she teaches at Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Company. Penni’s favorite beach is Moonstone Beach in Cambria, where she can sit on the beach and just “breathe” or look for moonstones 
and other treasures. Articles ›

stephanie anthony campobello

Stephanie Anthony

Born and raised on tiny Campobello Island on the Maine/New Brunswick border. Stephanie is a lifelong beachcomber and one of the founders of the Campobello Sea Glass Festival. She works at the local library and is a member of the Campobello Fogfest team, which provides a free, five-day festival every summer with music, art, history, and cultural events. She has a teenaged son and like many generations of her family, Stephanie loves her life on Campobello Island, a fishing and tourism community where everybody knows your name and there are beaches around every corner.

Jim Allen

James Allen

After Jim Allen, a retired New York optician and history professor, suffered a minor stroke and persistent atrial fibrillation, he and his wife retired to her family’s summer home in Rhodes, Greece. Exercise, a Mediterranean lifestyle and diet, and a successful heart procedure have turned his health around 180 degrees, and beachcombing is an integral part of his life. Turning little pieces of glass at his feet into something people enjoy wearing has given him a creative outlet he’d never known. Find him on Instagram @AegeanSeaGlassDesign and his shop at Articles ›

Judith Altruda

Judith Altruda

Judith Altruda is a metalsmith who creates jewelry in Tokeland, Washington. Her pieces include materials such as ancient coins and Victorian era sea glass, whose stories inspire her designs. She is influenced by travel, nature, and the human experience. Read more at Articles ›

Lynn Armstrong

Lynn Armstrong

Lynn lives on the North East coast of England. She was hooked on beachcombing after finding her first multi on Seaham Beach. She beachcombs with her partner, Ian, on Shippersea Bay, home of the most amazing and unusual pieces of slag sea glass in the world. See more on Facebook @Gorgeousglassfromthesea. Articles ›

Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson is a writer, artist, educator, and mermaid at heart with a passion for bringing together her creativity with her love of the sea. This passion flows through her writing as well as her work as a designer and silversmith for Low Tide Landing, where she turns ocean treasures into jewelry with her husband, Casey. Jessica has also worked as an art teacher for over a decade in Southern California where she lives with her husband and two (soon to be three) children. Articles ›

Veronica Bagnato

Veronica Bagnato

When she’s not working as a travel agent in Galveston’s historic district, you can find Veronica on the beach with her boyfriend and her two Dobermans, making jewelry with her finds, or sharing her love of local artists, sea glass, and Galveston Island on Instagram @TexasBeachCombingArticles ›

lane baguss agate collector

Lane Baguss

Lane began collecting Lake Superior agates as a young kid along the shorelines of the Mississippi River in Anoka, Minnesota. Lane earned degrees in Aquatic Biology and Earth Sciences at University of Wisconsin–Superior. Living next to Lake Superior, he learned about the local geology of Minnesota and Wisconsin, in particular the Lake Superior agates. Look for information about the Minnesota state gemstone, Lane’s collection, photography, videos, and artwork at @LSAgates on Facebook and Instagram.

amanda baker

Amanda Baker

Amanda and her family moved from Ohio to Florida seven years ago. She loves spending her free time taking shelling trips with her three kids, Dominic, Olivia, and Nicholas, teaching them to look for empty seashells, clean up the beaches, take care of our environment, and appreciate where they live. They have all won awards in shell shows with the shells they have found. Find her on Facebook and Instagram @shellingmomma.

Kristin Batista

Kristin is a wife and mother of two, as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Kristin shares her passion for beachcombing and spending time with friends through her company, Seaglass & Serenity, which provides weekend retreats for women who enjoy beachcombing and are looking for health, balance, and calm in their lives. Find her online at @seaglassandserenityArticles ›

Angie Battig

Angie Battig

Originally from Ohio, Angie moved to Puerto Rico over seven years ago and fell in love with the vibrant culture and warm tropical breezes and the beaches perfect for beachcombing. Angie enjoys the sea glass hunt and the great friendships formed from it. She sells some of her finds and loves sharing information about San Juan and the beaches. Find her on Instagram and Facebook @PRSeaglassCoArticles ›

danielle bauer beachcomber

Danielle Bauer

Danielle grew up on the shores of Lake Huron in Lakeport, Michigan. She loves beachcombing, especially for beach glass, with her four-legged pal, Tasha. She loves getting to experience all four seasons living in Michigan, but summer is her favorite and she loves spending her summers in Lexington on the beach. Find her on Instagram @michigan.sass_glass.

ethan beckler sand collector

Ethan Beckler

After living in Bandon as a child, Ethan’s family moved to the Midwest, but Bandon has always had a fond place in his heart. Ethan works as an accountant at a field tile manufacturing plant and lives in Illinois with his wife, Laura, and their teenage daughter and 8-year-old son. Find Ethan on Instagram @1of1images and on Facebook @1of1sandimages.

Mary Beth Beuke

Mary Beth Beuke

Mary Beth Beuke is a Pacific Northwest US native. She’s traversed the Pacific Coast for a lifetime and has collected from around the globe and studied sea glass for decades. While president of the North American Sea Glass Association (2005-2010) she focused her energies on sea glass education and shoreline ecology. Her elaborate, worldwide collection has been featured on HGTV, The Travel Channel, National Geographic, Smithsonian and more. MB is a sought after speaker and she’s the author of The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass. She exhibits the West Coast Sea Glass collection and photography at lectures, museums and beachcombing events. An award winning small business owner, Mary Beth lives and uses her beach glass in fine art jewelry which she makes from one of her two studios along Washington State’s Salish Sea. MB has three children and she enjoys kayaking and art photography. Articles ›

Cindy Bilbao

Cindy Bilbao

Cindy is the author and photographer of Sea Glass, The Official Sea Glass Searcher's Guide: How to Find Your Own Treasures from the TideSea Glass Seeker, and Seashells. She is the founder of Sea Glass Searchers Club beach boutique located inside Staintons of Ocean City, New Jersey, and online at Cindy lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children and visits as many beaches as often as possible, with her camera in tow. Articles ›

kenneth blaine sea glass mosaic

Kenneth Blaine

Kenneth Blaine is a beachcomber, film tax consultant, and musician. Upon moving to Puerto Rico, Kenneth discovered the abundance of sea glass and wanted to incorporate it into his art. He trained under one of Puerto Rico’s top mosaic artists and now creates stunning sea glass mosaics. Find him on Instagram at Articles ›

sarah boucher guam beachcomber

Sarah Boucher

Sarah Boucher is the owner of Studio 13 North located in Guam. Originally from Massachusetts and working as an applied behavior therapist, her husband’s job as a submariner in the U.S. Navy brought her to Guam with their three children. Sarah now makes sea glass jewelry, art, and crafts using sea glass and local wood. Find Sarah on Instagram @studio_13_north, on Facebook @Studio13N and visit her online shop at

ginger coffis bowman

Ginger Bowman

A California girl who moved back from Texas after years of raising her three sons. After retiring last year, Ginger and her husband moved back to Santa Cruz, California, to be close to her parents. Now she has time to enjoy the ocean and create art.

Kristina Braga

Kristina Braga

Kristina Braga is a retired attorney living in Long Valley, New Jersey, with her husband, son and daughter, three boxer rescues, and a pug. She and her husband spend time at their Jersey Shore home, enjoying long walks on the beach and, of course, collecting sea glass and pottery. She also enjoys oil painting, photography, and antiquing. Find her on Instagram @jerseyshorebeachcomber. Articles ›

Michele Brouder

Michele Brouder

Michele Brouder, originally from the Buffalo, New York area, now makes her home in Ireland with her husband, two boys, and a dog named Rover. She is the author of the Happy Holiday series and the Soul Saver series. She is also a contributor to the anthology, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Miracle of Love. Articles ›

ondrea brussee

Ondrea Brussee

Freshwater activist Ondrea Brussee tours the North American coasts pursuing her passion for beach glass, community, and shoreline history. She is specifically interested in the Great Lakes surrounding her home state of Michigan. When not in discovery mode, she enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time with her goldendoodle, Barley. Find Ondrea on Instagram @0ndrea. Articles ›

Linzi Buckmaster

Linzi Buckmaster

Linzi is the magpie in MagPie In The Sky Designer jewelry. She is a jewelry designer, trained silversmith, published author, keen photographer, and freelance writer. A beachcomber since childhood, Linzi loves to use natural elements in her designs. She lives in Cumbria in the UK with her husband Jools, daughter Rhi, and a menagerie of cats and dogs. Find her online @magpieinthesky and Articles ›

Clint Buffington

Clint Buffington

Clint Buffington finds messages in bottles and writes about them. Clint runs the Message in a Bottle Hunter website, where he investigates the history of messages in bottles, shares true stories, debunks myths and hoaxes, and helps the senders and finders of bottled notes connect. Clint holds a Master of Arts degree in Literature from the University of Kentucky; he lives in Utah with his wife and bottle-hunting partner, Kate. Articles ›

helen butcher cornwall beachcomber

Helen Butcher

Helen lives with her two children and cat, Mittens, in North Cornwall, England, where she works in a local school as a teaching assistant. She collects sea glass, shells, sea beans, driftwood, buoys and other interesting things that wash ashore in the winter storms. Some finds she uses in art and craft projects and others decorate her home, garden, and beach hut.

Meg Carter

Meg Carter

Meg is a jewelry designer and creator of the Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide. Meg lives in Virginia with her husband, Jon, and their two daughters. Articles ›

JJ Caldwell

JJ Caldwell

JJ grew up in the oceans of Micronesia and Hawai’i. She started surfing when she was 14, and met her husband Pat, during a surf session. She grew up collecting sea shells and started free-diving to collect sea glass four years ago on the island of O’ahu, where she worked as an interior designer for many years. Recently retiring from it, she now works full time as a silversmith, owner of KaiPua DesignsArticles ›

Johnny Chien

Johnny Chien

Johnny Chien is a photographer living in Santa Cruz County. When he’s not taking pictures, he’s working in Information Technology. He enjoys taking photos of landscapes in Northern California. If there’s a good sunset, he can be found at Seacliff State Beach, taking pictures of the SS Palo Alto. Find him on Instagram

anna roche clark

Anna Roche Clark

Anna is an artist who lives by Chicago’s lakefront, where she walks her dog collecting beach treasures. She has traveled to beaches in more than a dozen countries and the U.S. She loves meeting fellow combers, hearing about their journeys, and learning more about other coastal communities. Find her on Instagram @beachwanderarts.

simon clarke mudlark

Simon Clarke

Simon worked for many years as an artist and designer until he became interested in education. He is a qualified teacher, has a passion for learning, and loves getting out of the office to work on the Thames foreshore. He lives with his family in a houseboat on the Thames.

Alicia Cockrum

Alicia Cockrum

Alicia Cockrum, PsyD, is the author and photographer of Sea Glass Zen: Inspirations from the Sea and the A Year of Sea Glass Zen calendar series. As a clinical psychologist, she specializes in helping her patients recover from trauma and live their very best lives. Most weekends, you can find her behind the lens of her camera taking photos of the treasures she finds along the coast of California. Follow her on Instagram @TideCharmers and learn more at Articles ›

Kate Clover and Leo Kenney sand collectors

Kate Clover and Leo Kenney

Kate Clover is a sand collector, geo-science educator, writer, and life-long learner. She grew up on the white “sugar” sand beaches of Lake Michigan and has been collecting since. Seeing sands under the microscope opened her eyes to the beauty and diversity of sands. Seeing is the beginning to understanding.

Leo Kenney is a retired biology educator and scientific photographer. He began photographing sand as a winter alternative to seasonal macro photography of vernal pool organisms. His sand photographs are in textbooks and on the Splendid Sands calendar and website. He continues to promote the study and protection of vernal pools. Articles ›

Splendid Sands

amanda collet seashell artist author

Amanda Collett

Amanda is a collector of seashells from around the world. She is a seashell artist, and has many award-winning art pieces. Beachcombing is her favorite hobby. She strives to help people understand that shelling is fun and relaxing and that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @amandas_oceantreasure.

Denice Cummings

Denice Cummings

Denice Cummings is a retired Registered Nurse, who now spends her time enjoying her passion: the love of the outdoors and the ocean. She is an avid sea glass hunter, artist, and jewelry designer. Sharing her love of beach treasures, Denice leads groups to Puerto Rico to find choice pieces of sea glass. Find her on Facebook @All Things Coastal: Sea Glassing in Puerto RicoArticles ›

Richard Daggett author

Richard Daggett

Richard is an author, former combat photojournalist during the Vietnam War, longtime resident of Hawaii, and an avid sea glass collector and jewelry maker. He loves the Pacific Ocean and the lovely beaches of the Hawaiian Islands.

Rasmus Dahl

Rasmus lives in Thisted, Denmark, a small town near the Limfjord. When not hunting for urchin fossils, he enjoys being an elementary school teacher, husband, and father of three kids. Find Rasmus online at @nice_little_urchinsArticles ›

Fiona Dart

Fiona Dart

Fiona is a retired Lending and Insurance specialist who was born and has lived all her life in Tasmania, an isolated state off Australia’s south coast. She is lucky enough to spend her days beachcombing, gardening, traveling, and caravanning. Her mission for finding sea treasures is her daily obsession. Find her on Instagram @fifi_by_the_seaArticles ›

kyle davis suns out tongues out sea glass

Kyle Davis

Ky is a 34-year-old treasure hunter circumnavigating the world on his sailboat, The Emerald of Pleiades, with his 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, LC, in search of the world’s greatest unknown sea glass beaches. He has spent time as a firefighter, combat medic, explorer, adventurer, survivalist, farmer, and ship captain. Find Kyle on Instagram @suns_out_tonguesout.


Suzanne Davis

Suzanne lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with her husband of 33 years, Carl, and their ChowChow, Boo. She plans to retire in two years to the Colorado Rockies where she’ll start a hiking/rockhound club for seniors, explore the great outdoors, and cheer on her husband at mountain bike races. Articles ›

laura deering and batman

Laura Deering

Since she was a little girl, Laura has loved looking for rocks, shells and artifacts. That passion for discovering natural treasures and learning about the local history of her area has never left her. Her adventures have taken her near and far, including fossil hunting on the beaches of Lyme Regis, England. You can find her with her dog, Batman, exploring along the Root River in Rushford, Minnesota.

harriet downes slaughter

Harriett Downes-Slaughter

As a beachcomber since childhood and a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Harriet has spent many hours on beautiful beaches in Maryland, Delaware, and also in Florida. When she’s not proofreading for a local magazine, looking for shells, sea beans, and sea glass are her favorite pastimes. Displaying her treasures and turning her interesting finds into art makes her happy. Articles ›

Christine Doyle

Christine Doyle

Christine Doyle lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two kids. She works as a marketing coordinator as well as having a blog and is a contributing writer for the Bellingham Bulletin. In her spare time, she can be found beachcombing on a beautiful beach.

Jane Eastman

Jane’s love of treasure hunting began as a child finding old bottles and fossils along the field edges of the Hampshire countryside where she grew up. After graduating in Fine Art, she has worked in various analytical and creative roles and her latest goal in life is to find a complete seventeenth century onion bottle in a river. Find her on Instagram @myordinarytreasureArticles ›

Lorraine Eaton

Lorraine Eaton

Lorraine Eaton has been a staff writer at The Virginian-Pilot newspaper for 30 years, a career she started in the Nags Head, NC bureau. She is the author of Tidewater Table, a local bestselling cookbook, and co-author of the Food Lover’s Guide to Virginia. Her work has won local, state and national awards and she has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Her work is included in three anthologies, including Best Food Writing 2012, an annual compilation of the best American essays and stories on the topic. Articles ›

martha egelston lake superior beachcomber

Martha Egelston

Martha was born in Missouri, has lived in Arizona and Ohio, and currently resides in Minnesota. Blessed with a natural artistic ability, creating anything with her hands comes easy for her. She loves to oil paint and with many other interests, she always keeps busy.

Asli Ersahin

Asli is a wife and mother, living in Istanbul. She studied History at Bosphorus University and for the past 10 years has worked as a Human Resources Manager. Her daughter, Alisa, is her pride and joy. She and her family love beachcombing and doing beach cleanups along the shores of the Sea of Marmara. Find her online at @luvlyalisaArticles ›

Denise Fashaw

Denise Fashaw

Denise Fashaw, aka “Queen of Chaney,” is the owner of Chaney Chicks & Island Gifts on St. Croix, USVI. Originally from California, she now resides with her husband and her four pet rescues. When she is not busy custom wrapping beach treasures, you will find her in her “warehouse” snorkeling for sea glass and Chaney. Articles ›

Phyllis Ford

Phyllis Ford

Phyllis has been a beachcomber since she could barely walk. She collects sea glass, shells, and wishing rocks on the coast of Maine with her two children. When she’s not on the beach, she helps companies create optimized online experiences through better UX design. Find her on Instagram @seacliff_designArticles ›

Jean Forman

Jean Forman

Jean is a retired school psychologist who is fortunate to combine newfound passions for beachcombing for sea glass and creating artistic jewelry along with her lifelong love of travel. She feels lucky to have found these passions and skills, so named her business Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry. You can find Jean’s jewelry in her shop at LuckySeaGlassJewelry.etsy.comArticles ›

Marylou Forrest

Marylou is a sea glass jeweler from Santa Cruz, California. Her Aloha Sea Glass jewelry is inspired by all of the friends that she has met through her sea glass adventures. She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with sea glass from around the world. Find Marylou on Instagram and Facebook @alohaseaglassArticles ›

Rochelle Frankson

Rochelle Frankson

When she’s not collecting dominos on the beach, Rochelle is a dog mom to her family’s six dogs (Zeus, Vagabond, Jet, Kelly, Scooby, and Lucky) and manages special projects for manufacturing and chemical companies. She loves combing her local Jamaican beaches with her mom and dogs. Follow Rochelle on Instagram at @_frankipaniArticles ›

the gale family

Bob, Pam, and Ashby Gale

The Gales have over 34 years of experience and research in Atlantic and Gulf coastal plain fossils. Bob is an ecologist with non-profit organization MountainTrue. Pam is an artist/illustrator at Majik Studios in Asheville, North Carolina. Ashby is a paleontologist and owner of Charleston Fossil Adventures in Charleston, South Carolina. Learn more at

Paul Gammy Garbutt

Paul Garbutt

Paul Garbutt, AKA Paul Gammy, lives in the north east of England and sea glass hunts in his spare time. His passion for the beach started in childhood with fossil collecting. He now hunts for elusive dragon glass in Shippersea Bay. See his latest finds on Instagram @seaglassgamster.

meagan mittens portugal beachcomber

Meagan Gittins

Originally from Idaho, Meagan has lived in Portugal for the past four years with her husband, Micah, and Labrador, Hunter. She discovered her passion for beachcombing after moving to Portugal and started her artistic jewelry and home décor business soon after. Learn more at and find her on Instagram and Facebook @silvercoastdesigns.

Rebecca Hadley

Rebecca Hadley

Rebecca moved to Galveston, Texas, five years ago, where she lives in a drafty beach cottage and works for an insurance company. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring and photographing the beaches and bays that make the island such a special part of the Texas coastline. See her photos on Instagram @rebeccahadleyArticles ›

Kay Heizman interior designer

Kay Heizman

An interior designer for over 25 years, and native Californian, Kay considers herself to be blessed to spend her entire life working and living just steps from the coastline. The beach is her happy place and the ocean is her spiritual refuge. She hopes this joy is reflected in her projects. Learn more at and find Kay on Instagram @kayheizman and on Facebook @kay.heizman.

brittanie hervas shark frenzy

Brittanie Hervas

Brittanie is a fossil tour guide and manager at Shark Frenzy, a beachcombing and fossil store in Venice, Florida. Before moving to Florida, she lived in Illinois, where she would collect beach glass on the shores of Lake Michigan. She loves collecting shells, fossils, and shark teeth. 
Find her online @frenzybrit.

christina minopetros

Christeena Hockin-Minopetros

After an award-winning floral-designing career, Christeena moved from her home state of New Jersey to the Greek Islands in search of inspiration and creativity. It was during this time that she started finding an exorbitant amount of sea glass. Using her design skills, it led to a career as a sea glass artisan. Within a year, Sea Glass Jewels and Company was founded, and 20 years later, Christeena’s sea glass career has blossomed into a full-time business. In addition to her website and a few choice shows during the year, Christeena’s work can be found throughout the Florida Keys and in the Delmarva Peninsula where she and her husband reside. Find her online at Seaglassjewels.comArticles ›

Tarah Nicole Hoffmann

Tarah grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois and thrives on any chance to turn an ordeal into an adventure or find a trail to explore. She loves capturing moments in time with photos, including food styling and photography. Through Transformed by Lake Michigan, she strives to showcase the transformation that Mother Nature demonstrates. Find her onilne @TransformedbyLakeMichiganArticles ›

astrid jaekel scottish artist

Astrid Jaekel

Astrid is an artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Within her work she explores anything from the tiniest design to huge public installations. In 2019, she won an AOI World Illustration Award for her project “If These Walls Could Talk,” which involved wallpapering a small Scottish town. Learn more at

Su Kirk

Su Kirk

Su considers herself a “desert rat,” as she lived most of her life in Arizona. She left Arizona and found her way to Forks, Washington. Discovering the multitude of treasures that the beaches of the Pacific Northwest have to offer has left her with a deep desire to go beachcombing daily. She is artistic, with a Bachelor’s degree in Art from Northern Arizona University, and she sees art in virtually everything she encounters. Drawing from her artistic side, she creates unique jewelry and home décor. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @seahag101.

richard lamotte

Richard LaMotte

Richard LaMotte is the author of the award-winning book Pure Sea Glass and a sequel titled The Lure of Sea Glass. He was a co-founder and past-president of the North American Sea Glass Association. Richard lives and works in works in Chestertown, Maryland. Richard and his book have been featured in The Washington Post, on Martha Stewart Living TV, Coastal Living, Parade Magazine, Baltimore Sun, The Boston Globe, Delaware Beach Life, on NPR and Maryland Public Television. Articles ›

Louise Lauffer

Mary Louise “Wiesy” Lauffer

Wiesy is a lifelong beachcomber and artist living in coastal Delaware with her husband, Carl. A retired Virgin Islands art educator, she creates jewelry, sea glass/stained glass work, and crafts with her extensive collection. More at or on Facebook at Virgin Islands SeaglassArticles ›

Paul Lawson beach glass photographer

Paul Lawson

Paul has had a dental lab for most of his adult life and he likes it a lot, but photography is where his passion lies. He purposely didn’t study any of the greats so he could develop his own style. He’s a natural experimenter and photography gave him a new set of tools to use.

Marcus Lemasters

Marcus Lemasters

Marcus is living the life. He’s only a short bike ride away from all the sand and sun he loves. Being a volunteer at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge allows for plenty of excuses for Marcus to hit the beach. "I have to make sure all that 'trash' is picked up, you know."

mike ley

Mike Ley

Mike is a retired engineer who spends his summers in Colorado and his winters in South Texas on the Gulf Coast. After 12 years of beachcombing, he has walked almost every inch of the 400 miles of coastline in the Lone Star State, both by himself and with his wife, Sandy, collecting sea beans and more. Articles ›

Megan T. Lierman

Megan T. Lierman is a mom, wife, and lover of the ocean. As an interior designer, her love of color, texture and detail can be seen in photos of her travels. Megan can usually be found reading, traveling, or walking on beaches with the wind in her hair. Find her at @mliermanArticles ›

Nicole Lind

Nicole Lind

Nicole Lind loves collecting sea glass and all types of flotsam and jetsam on beaches beyond a 13th century castle ruin around the Kingdom of Fife and Edinburgh. Nicole is the founder of TiliabytheSea sea glass jewelry, a trained architect, and an interior designer. You can find her online shop at and follow her on Facebook @Tiliabythesea and on Instagram @tilia_bytheseaArticles ›

Bill Lindsey bottle collector

Bill Lindsey

Bill is the creator and author of the Society for Historic Archaeology’s and Bureau of Land Management’s Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information website and co-editor and co-author of the Society for Historic Archaeology’s book Baffle Marks and Pontil Scars: A Reader on Historic Bottle Identification. He retired from 30-plus years as a Rangeland Management Specialist for the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon and Nevada. Articles ›

richard macpherson

Richard MacPherson

Richard MacPherson is a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and storyteller. For over three decades, he called Hawaii home and caught the beachcombing bug when he wasn’t teaching K-12 or writing his theater blog for the Honolulu Advertiser. Now he resides in Woodland Hills, California, and still keeps his head in the sand, because that’s where the sea glass is.

Marina Malačić Maristella

Marina Malačić

Marina is from the beautiful, small, European country of Slovenia. She lives in Ankaran, near the Adriatic Sea and home to a little hidden beach full of seashells. She is a college student, working full time making one-of-a-kind, beach-themed jewelry. Find her on Instagram and Etsy @maristella890.

Rowena Marynissen Australian beachcomber

Rowy Marynissen

Rowy lives in Australia. When she is not working in her job at a university assisting students, you’ll most likely find her at the beach, exploring. She loves to find marbles, stoppers, and beads and loves to create jewelry, such as pendants and bracelets with her beach finds and sea pottery. Find Rowy on Instagram @rowy_finds_sea_treasures.

Faith McCarthy

Faith McCarthy

Faith is a lifelong birdwatcher and nature enthusiast and has been an intern for nonprofit Kent Island Beach Cleanups. She is also involved with Plastic Free QAC and works at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. Articles ›

mary McCarthy beachcomber

Mary T. McCarthy

Mary is the owner of When’s Low Tide, Executive Director of The Beachcombing Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving an international collection of beachcombed finds, and Vice President and Education Chair of the North American Sea Glass Association. You can find her on Instagram @marytmccarthy when she’s not out in her kayak searching coastal landfills for beach-found candle containers. Articles ›

allie maccathren sea glass quilt artist

Allie McCathren

Allie McCathren is a marine biologist and artist who lives in Tomball, Texas, with her three boys. She started quilting in 2018 using sea glass and the ocean as inspiration for her work. Now, she makes gorgeous art quilts for sale and has become a part of an amazing online community of beachcombers and art lovers. Find her on Instagram @exhaustedoctopus.

tiffany meekins outer banks beachcomber

Tiffany Meekins

Tiffany is a Hatteras Island native, wife, and stay-a-home mom of three boys. She is an avid sea glasser and beachcomber, photographer of OBX Beachcomber, and a PACC certified AIA appraiser, specializing in Depression-era glassware. Tiffany spends as much time as possible on the beach hunting for treasures with her little beachcombers and capturing the beauty of the sea glass and shells on the Outer Banks. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @OBX Beachcomber.

Paula Newman

Paula Newman

Paula of lives in Seaham, England, and has been collecting sea glass since childhood. Seaham Beach has been the inspiration for The Legend of Mermaids Tears series and the Pocket Guide to Seaham Sea Glass, with companion guides planned for this year. Articles ›

Bernadette Noll

Bernadette Noll is a writer, a mother, a maker, a thrifter, and a believer that everything we need already exists, we just need to ask and find it! She believes that we can consume less by sharing more and that creativity can be infused in everything we do. Born in New Jersey, the eighth child of nine, she has called Austin, Texas, home for the last 29 years. Find Bernadette on Facebook at @slowfamilyliving and on Instagram @reducereuseremake. Articles ›

Maxine Northam Aussie beachcomber

Maxine Northam

Maxine grew up surrounded by the ocean on the Devonport Peninsula in Auckland, New Zealand. She is happiest either exploring the coast for sea glass and beach treasures to bring home or crafting jewelry from her finds. Find her on Facebook as Time and Tide – Seaglass Jewellery or Instagram @timeandtidenz.

Pauline O'Riordan

Pauline O’Riordan

Pauline is a retired art teacher with two children, seven grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She lives in Dublin, Ireland, and has been involved in charity work all her life. She began beachcombing in her golden years and loves sharing her good fortune. Seeing her shards in their new homes gives her endless joy. Articles ›

isabelle ortiz villarelle

Isabella Ortiz-Villarelle

Isabella is an eighth grader and avid beachcomber from Central New Jersey. Her favorite finds are Cape May diamonds and her favorite sea glassing trip was to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California, where she watched her first West Coast sunset.

Danielle Perreault maine beachcomber

Danielle Perreault

Danielle L. Perreault is Founder of The Sea Glass Center and is now on the board of The Beachcombing Center. She is the owner of The Deep Blue in Kennebunk, Maine, and has been featured in the books Sea Glass Crafts and The Lure of Sea GlassArticles ›

Carolyn Pigford

Carolyn Pigford

Carolyn lives in beautiful northwest Puerto Rico, where she finds simple pleasure in finding sea glass and using it to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. Nothing makes her happier than working in her studio or deep down in the blue of the ocean. Find her on Etsy, Instagram, and FacebookArticles ›

amy darian ramsey

Amy Darian Ramsey

Amy is a creator and writer who teaches others how to make their lives more grounded and joyful through interaction with the natural world. She divides her time between Michigan and Oahu in Hawaii. She incorporates waterworn treasures into her life, art, and in her book Join the Joy. Learn more at

Jennifer Reed

Jennifer Reed

Jennifer Reed got her BFA in metalsmithing from Edinboro University. In 1996 she started a sea glass-based business Relish, the first brick and mortar shop in the country built on sea glass. Relish focuses on custom, handmade beach glass jewelry and art by skilled metalsmiths. Jennifer is a founding member of NASGA and the promoter of the Great Lakes Beach Glass & Coastal Arts Festival. Articles ›

riley renfro

Riley Renfro

Riley Renfro is a high school freshman who fell in love with the beach two years ago. She is the co-owner with her twin sister of the Esty shop heartofthesea1, where they sell handmade sea glass jewelry. Riley has beachcombed all over Florida, but the East Coast is her favorite. Find her on Instagram @heartofthesea1Articles ›


rebecca ruger

Rebecca Ruger

Rebecca is the founder and former editor of Glassing Magazine and creator of the Buffalo Beach Glass and Coastal Arts Festival. She is the mother of four and lives in Western New York. Rebecca is the author of the Highlander Heroes series and the Regency Rogues: Redemption series of books. Follow Rebecca on Facebook @RebeccaRuger.AuthorArticles ›

Malcolm Russell

Malcolm studied history at the University of Sheffield in his native UK. After a decade living in New York, he moved to London and reconnected with his passion for the past through taking up mudlarking. He is also a volunteer with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, the world’s largest database of objects found by metal detectorists, field walkers, and mudlarks. He writes about his finds on Instagram @Mud_HistorianArticles ›

Jason Sandy

Jason Sandy

Jason is an American architect living and working in London. Beachcombing along the River Thames, he has found extraordinary artifacts, which are now on permanent display in museums around the United Kingdom. He is a member of the exclusive Society of Thames Mudlarks. Find him on Instagram @jasonmudlark. Articles ›

Lucia Scavotto

Lucia enjoys gymnastics, volleyball, artsy things, reading, writing, Gilmore Girls and her cat, Pickle. She also speaks French. Lucia spends lovely summers swimming and surfing in Rhode Island. She dreams of traveling the world, beachcombing with her future puppy. Articles ›

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff

Jennifer is the author of the Sanibel Island Mystery series and an avid beachcomber. She and her husband and cat divide their time between Sanibel Island, Florida, and Connecticut. Her latest book, Shell Shocked, a tale of beachcombing and murder, was just published this fall. You can follow Jennifer on Facebook at @SanibelIslandMysteries and on Instagram at @JenniferLSchiff. Learn more about the Sanibel Island Mystery series at Articles ›

natalie Schriefer beachcomber

Natalie Schriefer

Natalie Schriefer loves to write about the outdoors. Her previous publications include pieces with Room magazine and MTV, as well as a poem about sea glass, anthologized by the Underground Writers Association. She received her MFA from Southern Connecticut State University.

Alex Scott

Alex Scott

Alex is a graphic designer, artist, and scientist with a focus on animal evolution and behavior. Alex worked at The Refinery Creative, making digital and print materials for entertainment clients in Los Angeles, including Netflix, Hulu, AMC, HBO, and Epix. As Studio Manager for celebrity photographer, Art Streiber, she worked with NBCUniversal, Comedy Central, Apple, Vanity Fair, Variety, GQ, EW, and Empire. Alex has degrees in Evolutionary Biology and Theater and Performance Studies from Stanford University. Find her on LinkedIn. Articles ›

ben scott film

Ben Scott

Ben is a freelance writer and video editor who lives in Los Angeles. In addition to writing for the magazine, Ben produces all the Beachcombing videos. Ben has cinema studies and screenwriting degrees from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Find him on LinkedIn. Articles ›

Kevin Selkregg geologist

Kevin Selkregg

A retired ceramic and refractory materials scientist, Kevin makes his home with his wife, Brigitte, in Buffalo, New York, not far from Lake Erie. With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in geology from University of Florida and Virginia Tech, Kevin is more eager than ever to return to his first love of rocks. Learn more about Kevin and his rock décor pieces, which show the inner beauty of glacial rocks found on the Great Lake shores, on his website at glacialimpressions.comArticles ›

Bernadette Skipper

Bernadette Skipper

Bernadette is an Air Force veteran, mother, and art teacher. She has lived in Florida for over 26 years and loves finding seashells and beautiful sea glass on her beaches. You can find her leaving painted oyster shells on the beach for people to find, on Facebook running Florida’s East Coast Sea Glass Club, and on Instagram @BernadetteinFloridaArticles ›

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith is a retired educator from Orlando, Florida, who now makes her home in the “Virgin Islands’ Best Kept Secret” St. Croix, USVI. When she is not hunting for sea glass and Chaney on the beaches and around plantation ruins, she is a creator/designer at Chaney Chicks & Island GiftsArticles ›

christine solorio beachcomber chicago urban

Christine Solorio

Christine lives in Chicago where you can find her exploring the Lake Michigan shoreline for treasures. Her passions are collecting beach glass—especially marbles—along with beach photography and early-1900s bottles. You can find her on Instagram @chicitybeachgalArticles ›

Machel Spence seashell artist

Machel Spence

Machel Spence is a beachcomber, biologist, elementary and middle school marine biology teacher, photographer, and seashell artist from Seattle, Washington. Machel studied the Nautilus pompilius, the chambered or pearly nautilus. Articles ›

Maureen Stanley

Maureen Stanley

Maureen is a Jersey Girl through and through. Her favorite beaches include Cape May and Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Maureen’s most prized beachcombing possession is a clay pipe from the 1600s crafted by William Evans, Bristol Pipe Maker, which she found in the muck on a Delaware beach. When she’s not beachcombing, Maureen writes about all things gluten-free at Find her on Facebook and Instagram @holdtheglutenArticles ›

Tina Terry beachcomber

Tina Terry

Tina is a military pilot currently living in California. Her work has taken her around the world including living in Okinawa, Japan, from 2018 to 2020. She enjoys beachcombing as a hobby and as a great way to recharge after a long work week. Find her on Instagram @tealbamboo.

Jackie Trimper Mosaics

Jackie Trimper

Jackie grew up in Prince Edward Island and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been collecting sea glass her whole life and creating sea glass mosaic art for over ten years. As a retired psychologist, sea glass has become a hobby turned obsession, as she spends hours of her time creating art with sea glass. Find her online everywhere at JackieTrimperSeaGlass. Articles ›

Lori Verderame

Dr. Lori Verderame

Dr. Lori Verderame is an author, internationally syndicated columnist, and award-winning artifacts expert on the History channel’s #1 hit treasure-hunting show, The Curse of Oak Island. With a Ph.D. from Penn State University and vast experience appraising art, antiques, and artifacts worldwide, Dr. Verderame is the director of, a resource for identifying art and artifacts. A world traveler and native of New Haven, Connecticut, Dr. Verderame resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Articles ›

Mary Watley

Mary Watley

Mary Watley lives with her husband and dog, Buddy, on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. Mary displays her sea glass and sea pottery in jars in her home, and her favorite pastime is searching for treasures from the sea, as often as she can. She uses odds and ends of antique glassware and repurposes them into new pieces of art, which she sells on Etsy at SouthernDixieGlass.etsy.comArticles ›

Deb Weissler

Deb is an avid collector of sea glass, arrowheads, and fossils scattered along the lower Chesapeake Bay. When not walking the beaches with her Standard Poodle, Guinness, she is a freelance writer for a number of regional and hobbyist magazines in the U.S. and UK. Articles ›

John R. Weldon

John R. Weldon

John currently resides on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington state with his wife, Laura, and daughter Pepper Ann. John is a retired 25-year major from the United States Air Force. His education includes Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. John enjoys his retirement as a proud member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary at Cape Disappointment. He also substitute teaches in the Ocean Beach School District and life guards at Dunes Bible Camp.

Virginia Whitted

Virginia is a wife, mother of three, artist, yoga teacher, and healer. Originally from Argentina, she taught special needs students for many years. By using reiki, she creates healthy routines to detox the mind and body. As one of the founders of Seaglass & Serenity, she combines yoga, the beach, and beachcombing into a perfect weekend retreat. Articles ›

Nicole Wise

Nicole Wise

Nicole Wise loves sea glass: the colors, textures, and the sense that there is always treasure waiting to be found. A writer and editor, she lives on the Connecticut shoreline and enjoys traveling to beaches near and far. Lately she is playing with creative opportunities related to sea glass, both visual and literary. Find her on Instagram at @likeseaglassArticles ›

maureen dyer

Maureen Wyer

Maureen lives in Sydney, Australia. Her passion is sea glass and she finds most of her treasures when snorkeling. She likes to photograph her finds on the day and on the beach where they are found. Maureen is a preschool teacher who uses sea glass as a creative resource for learning and play. Find her photos on Instagram @seaglass.soul.