Identifying your beach marbles

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Stephen Bahr is a marble enthusiast with extensive knowledge about marbles from around the world. He teamed up with Beachcombing Club member and urban beachcomber Christine Solorio to take us on a trip to the beach to find marbles, and then walks through the steps to determine their origin.

Gold club members had a great Q&A and VIP reception following the premiere, where members asked Stephen and Christine about their collections and brought a favorite marble (or three!) to be identified by Stephen.

More about marbles:

Sweet prizes!

Event attendees who asked Stephen or Christine a question on YouTube during the premiere* or in the Gold club member reception were entered to win some great prizes!

beach glass from Chicago

Beachcombing Club members who asked a question in the live chat of the premiere of “Beach Marble Identifications” or in the reception were entered to win this cool heart-shaped bottle filled with red beach glass and a Chicago beach marble from collector Christine Solorio! 

vintage marble collection

Those who asked a question on the YouTube live chat were entered to win these vintage and modern machine-made marbles from the collection of marble aficionado Stephen Bahr.

sunsport canvas beachcombing bag

Beachcombing Club members who asked Stephen or Christine a question on YouTube during or in the reception were entered to win a custom-made Beachcombing Club bag from SunSport Canvas. This 8.5”x11” with 50” strap zippered mesh cross-body beachcombing bag with the Beachcombing Club logo embroidered on it includes a clip, a safety whistle, and a comfort shoulder pad.

Start identifying your marbles by checking out Stephen's vintage and collectible marbles videos, where he shares clear descriptions and detailed images of collections from all over the world. Want to know more about vintage and antique marbles? Join his Vintage Machine-made Marbles group on Facebook.

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sunsport canvas mesh beach bags


Thank you to SunSport Canvas for sponsoring this event.

Special thanks to Stephen Bahr for sharing his marble knowledge in this video and with Beachcombing Club members after the video premiere on YouTube. Please subscribe to Stephen’s YouTube channel at for more about vintage machine-made marbles.

Our appreciation goes to Christine Solorio for sharing her beach marble collection and for sharing her conversation with Stephen on Instagram Live so he could make this video. Please follow Christine on Instagram at for more of her urban beachcombing adventures.

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Our heartfelt thanks to all the founding Beachcombing Club members, especially our Gold and Silver members who made this event possible. Gold: Angela Swartz, Anne Mauro, Anthony White, Christine M Solorio, Cynthia Raffaele, Glenn Tolle, Jodie Greene, Kimberly S Jennings, Kristina Braga, Lisa Foy, Lisa McDonald, Lisa Pringle, Lori Christofferson, Madeleine Fontillas Ronk, Becky Thielbar, and Svea Scholten. Silver: Adrienne Creemers Van Dun, Amy Dries, Barbara Fletcher, Brendan Keeley, Candy Chamberlain, Christine Gavin, Deirdre H Clark, Diana Smith, Diane Parr, Ginger Bowman, Heike Schneider, Janice L Piazza, JoAnne C Blanchard, Joseph Murray, Karen Davis, Kimberly Drake, Lorraine  Walsh, Marylyn Broomhall, Michelle Wilkes, Niamh Brosnan, and Scott Smith.

Learn more and join the club at​​.

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