It only takes a few steps to join Beachcombing Club and access the Clubhouse.

Sign up for Beachcombing Club

Your support on Patreon makes it possible for us to host the community Clubhouse, create exclusive content, and send fun swag to you every quarter.

how to join beachcombing club

1. Visit and select one of the three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Enter your payment information. Your account will be debited once a month until you cancel.

patreon confirmation email

2. Check your email for a confirmation email and click the link to activate your Patreon account.

Accessing the Beachcombing Club online community

The Beachcombing Clubhouse is hosted on You can use your existing Discord account or create a new account.


beachcombing clubhouse connection to discord

3. After signing up on Patreon, you'll get a welcome message with a link to the Clubhouse. Click on the button that says "Connect to Discord." If you don't get a message, go to your Patreon Profile Settings and click on the Apps button and connect to Discord.

sign up for discord

4. Sign up for or log into your Discord account at

connect patreon and discord

5. Click the Authorize link to allow Discord to connect your Patreon and Discord accounts so you will be able to see Beachcombing Club in Discord. Once you link your accounts and log into Discord, you can visit the Beachcombing Club in your browser or on the Discord app

Beachcombing Clubhouse Tour

Beachcombing Club is a "server" on Discord and there are text/image and voice/video "channels" on the server.

Text and Image Channels

beachcombing clubhouse discord server

Each channel is designed for a specific topic. Just click on each text/image channel name, and you'll see a message describing what kinds of things you might find and post there. Scroll through the posts, comment on those that interest you, and post some of your own. 

Live Channel

voice and video chat in beachcombing club

If you click on the LIVE voice channel, it's the same as joining a conference call. You'll immediately be connected to anyone else who is in the LIVE channel. You can turn on and off your microphone, camera, and screen sharing to participate as much or as little as you want in the conversation.

We can always add more channels, so let us know what's missing!

Want to learn more features of Discord? Check out the Beginner's Guide to Discord and scroll down to the "How to talk and hang out in your server" section.

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Please let us know if you have questions!