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2025 Beachcombing Calendar

beach photo

Do you have some incredible beachcombing photos? Now’s your chance to make them stars in the 2025 Beachcombing Calendar.

Depression Glass

colorful glass from 1930s

Glassware was made in an assortment of colors and huge variety of patterns in the Great Depression era. If you think you may have found a wave-worn piece on the beach, please email your photos with “Depressionware” in the subject line. Tiffany Meekins, a photographer and PACC-certified AIA appraiser specializing in Depression-era glassware, will be writing an article about this beautiful glass and would love to include some examples of sea and beach glass that originated as Depression glass. If your photos are clear enough and contain a bit of the pattern or shape of a piece, she may even be able to identify where it came from!

Tips for identifying beach-found Depression glass:

  • The majority of glass pieces were pink and green. There were a few yellows, ambers, cobalts, and reds. There were very rarely teal or purple designs.
  • Pink Depression glass is usually a peach color.
  • Most green Depression glass is ultraviolet and glows under black light.
  • Look for distinctive patterns on the glass to help with identification.

Patterned Glass

flat sea glass with pattern in it

Have you ever picked up a flat piece of glass with a pattern from the beach? We'd love to include a photo of your beach-found pieces of patterned or privacy glass in an upcoming article in Beachcombing! Email your photos with “Privacy Glass” in the subject line.

Friends with Claws

crabs on the beach

Every beach has its own critters, and many of those critters have claws! Don't be shellfish and send in your crabulous photos of crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans on your beach for an upcoming issue. Email your photos with “Claws” in the subject line.

Wired Glass

safety glass

Safety first! Have you found any wired glass on the beach? It comes in all colors and with textures and patterns, too! We'd love to include a photo of your favorite piece in an upcoming article in Beachcombing! Email your photos with “Safety Glass” in the subject line.

Beachcombing Jokes

beachcomber jokes

Have you heard any good beachcombing jokes lately? If so, please send them our way! Email your beach or beachcombing puns, jokes, limericks, and more with “Jokes” in the subject line. We’ll share our faves in an upcoming article. Thanks to Madeleine Fontillas Ronk for kicking off this idea with her masterpiece!

Quintessential Beach Finds

seaham multicolor sea glass

Do you find something on your beach that people don’t find elsewhere? Is there something that you find all the time at beaches where you live? Is there a type of beach find that when you see it you know exactly which region in the world it came from? If you have photos of distinctive beach finds associated with a particular geographical area, we'd love to see them! Please email your photos and indicate the location/area/beach where they are found with “Quintessential” in the subject line. We'll include our favorites in an upcoming issue.

Surveys and Polls

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We'd love to learn more about you and your beachcombing interests. Your anonymous answers help us create the magazine you want to read. Take the reader survey ›

beachcombing destination bucket list

We all love dreaming about the places we'll visit some day. What's on the top of your list for a beachcombing trip?

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What's your favorite sea or beach glass color? Vote for your favorite color of beach glass ›

favorite seashell beach

If you had to pick your favorite place for collecting seashells, where would it be? Let us know in our seashell beach poll.

michigan beach fossil

If you love collecting fossils on beaches, lakes, rivers, or streams, we'd love to hear about your favorite spots! Where is the best place to find beach fossils?

top 10 beachcombing finds

What's on your beachcombing bucket list? What top three things would you like to find on the beach?

secret beachcombing locations

Some people happily share the locations of beachcombing spots, while others keep their favorite beaches under wraps. What do you say?

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Whether it’s a beach you keep coming back to or one you’ve been dreaming of for years, we want to hear about your beachcombing travel ideas.Take the Beachcombing Wanderlust survey.

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What three things do you always bring to the beach? Take the beachcombing gear survey.

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As a member of the International Sea Glass Association, we are committed to educating collectors, consumers, and retailers as to the properties and benefits of genuine, pure, unaltered sea and beach glass. We do not accept articles or advertisements from those who use or sell fake sea glass. As a member of the Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club we promote the study of mollusks and the shells they create. We have a no-live-shelling policy and do not accept articles or advertisements from those who use or sell shells harvested from live animals, including live sand dollars, sea stars, and sea urchins.