Beachcombing is a print and digital magazine devoted to beachcombing, sea glass, shells, rocks, fossils, historical finds, ocean conservation, beach vacations, coastal decor, and more. Our readers are well-traveled beach lovers who are passionate about beach and sea glass, beachcombing, beach destinations, and unique art and products made from beach finds.

About the Publisher

Kirsti Scott

Kirsti Scott is the Editor and Publisher of Beachcombing and the owner of Etched by the Sea Inc. She is a board member of the North American Sea Glass Association and The Beachcombing Center and founder of the Virtual Beachcombing Festival. Kirsti Scott is an artist, graphic designer, and avid beachcomber. She lives on the central coast of California on Monterey Bay with her husband, Matt, a couple of cats, and occasionally their three grown children. She has degrees in Economics from Stanford University and Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design.

About the Founder

Rebecca Ruger-Wightman

Rebecca Ruger-Wightman is the Founder of Glassing Magazine, now Beachcombing, and the founder of the Buffalo Beach Glass and Coastal Arts Festival. Rebecca is the author of three books, Autumn Splendor, This Kiss, and Sea Glass Crafts. She is the mother of four, living on the shores of Lake Erie with her husband, Larry, and her four-legged beach buddy, Brody.

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