Beachcombing Magazine is devoted to beach and sea glass, beachcombing, beach destinations, and unique art and products made from beach finds. Our readers are well-traveled beach lovers who are passionate about beachcombing, sea glass, shells, rocks, fossils, historical finds, ocean conservation, beach vacations, coastal decor, and more.

The magazine was first published by Rebecca Ruger-Wightman in July 2017 under the name Glassing Magazine and has covered topics as diverse as sea glass, seashells, driftwood, conservation, wildlife, jewelry, art, travel destinations, and more. Since its launch, sea glass hunters, jewelers, artists, shell collectors, mudlarks, and rock hounds have all added their knowledge and passion to the magazine’s pages. Starting with the January/February 2019 issue, the magazine is named Beachcombing Magazine, to better reflect the stories we cover and to welcome all kinds of beachcombers to our pages.

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Write For Us!

We are always seeking articles, stories, and photographs for Beachcombing Magazine. See the Editorial Calendar at the bottom of the page to see what subjects we are tentatively planning for upcoming issues. For more information, please contact us or email us.

Feature Article

Our feature articles may relate to any relevant, informative, or fun topic to engage and educate readers on some aspect of beachcombing, sea and beach glass, coastal arts, and more. They are not usually personal stories, but rather about sharing information in an interesting and succinct manner, to enlighten, inform, and entertain readers.


We love learning about the favorite beaches, shores, and beachcombing destinations of our readers. Share your favorite beach town — and all the things to do on and off the beach — with our readers.

Environment and Wildlife

From beach erosion to restoration, plants and wildlife, we are looking for insightful, useful articles about caring for our beaches, how we can influence change and support organizations that will protect our lakes and oceans, and safe interactions with the animals and plants that call our shores home.

Collections and Artists

Our readers love to learn about new artists, jewelers, craftspeople, and collectors! Consider sharing your creations and collections on our pages through a collector or artisan interview. Please contact us about appearing in a future issue of the magazine.

Photos and Art

We are always looking for visually striking, engaging, inspiring, high-resolution photos and art featuring unique sea and beach glass, beaches, shells, minerals, special finds, collections, art, jewelry, and other images related to beachcombing. Please email us up to three photos of your sea glass, beach finds, sunset shots, art, and beachcombing adventures.

*Articles should include photos that relate specifically to the topic. Email us your article ideas and photo submissions. Please submit only your own unfiltered, un-retouched photography. It is imperative that each photo be accompanied by comprehensive caption information: names, town, landmarks, description of event depicted, etc. Attach photos as high-resolution .jpg or .jpeg files (at least 1800×1200 pixels or 1-2 MB file size). Please contact us before emailing if your files are larger than 10MB. Please include information about yourself with pertinent contact information. For written pieces, please attach your submission as an attachment, with your contact information repeated on the first page. Write the category (feature article, environment, photograph, artwork, etc) in the subject line. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response. All submissions should be suitable for publication in a family magazine. We will contact you if your article or photograph(s) are selected for publication and if we choose to publish your writing or photos, you will need to sign a permission waiver to give us the rights to use your submission in the magazine and online.

About the Publisher

Kirsti Scott

Kirsti Scott is the publisher of Beachcombing Magazine and the owner of Etched by the Sea. She is a member of the North American Sea Glass Association. Kirsti Scott is an artist, graphic designer, and avid beachcomber. She lives on the central coast of California on Monterey Bay with her husband, Matt, a couple of cats, and occasionally their three grown children.

About the Editor

Rebecca Ruger-Wightman

Rebecca Ruger-Wightman is the Editor of Beachcombing Magazine and Founder of Glassing Magazine. She is a member of the North American Sea Glass Association and is the founder of the Buffalo Beach Glass and Coastal Arts Festival. Rebecca is the author of three books, Autumn Splendor, This Kiss, and Sea Glass Crafts. She is the mother of four, living on the shores of Lake Erie with her husband, Larry, and her four-legged beach buddy, Brody.

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Editorial Calendar

March/April 2019

  • Black sea glass
  • Clay Pipes
  • Sea Glass Bracketology
  • Beachcomber Displays
  • Fossil hunting
  • Coastal wildlife
  • Destinations:
    • Great Lakes Beach Glass and 
Coastal Arts Festival
    • Northeast Sea Glass Expo
    • Lyme Regis Fossil Festival
    • San Juan Islands and the 
Olympic Peninsula

May/June 2019

  • Pink sea glass
  • Largest piece of beach glass
  • Tidepooling
  • Tools of the trade: Beachcombing gear
  • Staying alive: Dangers on the shore
  • Turning trash into art
  • Destinations:
    • Ashtabula Beach Glass Festival
    • Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass and 
Coastal Arts Festival
    • Northeast Sea Glass Expo
    • Sea To Shore Sea Glass Festival
    • Mermaid Tears Sea Glass Festival
    • A Dose Of Vitamin Sea-Sea Glass Festival

July/August 2019

  • Lime sea glass
  • Shark teeth
  • Sea Glass Stoppers
  • Beach bites
  • Sandcastle competitions
  • Destinations:
    • Santa Barbara Sea Glass and Ocean Arts Festival
    • Long Beach Island Sea Glass and Arts Festival
    • Sea To Shore Sea Glass Festival
    • Yorkshire Fossil Festival

September/October 2019

  • Grey sea glass
  • Cape May Diamonds
  • Wampum
  • Shipwrecks
  • Coca Cola sea glass
  • Destinations:
    • Santa Cruz Sea Glass and
 Ocean Arts Festival
    • North American Sea Glass Festival
    • Northeast Sea Glass Expo
    • Coastal Christmas show
    • Fort Bragg, California

November/December 2019

  • Milk glass
  • Sea Turtles
  • Seahorse Farm
  • Diving for treasures
  • Fishing floats
  • Destinations:
    • Hawaii
    • Greece