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Beachcombing is the print and digital magazine dedicated to beachcombing, beach travel, coastal arts, and coastal living. Each issue is full of stories about sea glass and beach glass, shells, fossils, beach rocks, driftwood, and more from shorelines around the world. Choose from a digital-only subscription or a print+digital subscription and you'll get the digital edition of Beachcombing magazine, a fully interactive version of each issue with clickable links and the same beautiful photos and engaging stories as the print magazine.

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Beach Marble Identification

Join us on Saturday, March 13th for the premiere of "Beach Marble Identifications" In this video, Stephen Bahr, a marble expert, teams up with urban beachcomber Christine Solorio to take us on a trip to the beach to find marbles and identify their origins.

Beachcombing Club is an online club where you can meet and interact with other beachcombers, participate in real-time events, and get access to members-only content.

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The March/April 2021 issue of Beachcombing was mailed from New Hampshire in mid February to those who subscribed by January 22nd. Currently, it can take over 4 weeks to arrive in the U.S. and over 8 weeks to arrive in other countries, including Canada.Thank you for your patience. You can check on the status of your subscription by logging into or creating an account.

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Beads made from the channeled whelk and the quahog played an important role in the culture of indigenous peoples of northeast North America.

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Bubble Shells

Bubble Shells

The snail and the slug often get a bad reputation for being ugly, but this bright pink gastropod is definitely an exception.

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Magazine Awards
Beachcombing won a 2020 Silver Summit Creative Award, 2020 Gold Marcom Award, 2020 Silver Davey Award, and 2020 Best Niche Hobbyist Magazine.