Sail Away with Captain Ky

Join Ky Davis who is sailing the world with his dog, LC, in search of undiscovered sea glass beaches and rare beach glass. You'll get a look at how Ky got started on his worldwide sea glass hunt and come along on some of his beachcombing adventures. Catch a few glimpses of his experiences in the teaser video above.

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Video Premiere

Watch the premiere on June 19, 2021, at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific on YouTube to text chat live with Ky and other beachcombers around the world. 

Q&A with Captain Ky

You are invited to a live Q&A with Ky after the premiere on June 19th, where you can talk with Ky about his sailing and beachcombing adventures, his favorite finds, see more of his collection, and maybe win one of his pieces in a live sea glass auction! This free event is open to everyone.

The reception will start immediately following the video premiere at around 1:20 pm Pacific / 4:20 pm Eastern and will feature a live chat with Ky, short videos about Ky and his collection, and a sea glass auction. Ask a question and you could win a sea marble necklace (see below). 

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Live Auction

captain ky the bored pirate sea glass auction

During the reception, Ky will be auctioning off some of his beautiful sea glass finds.

  • Hunk of Burning Love: This giant bonfire glass heart weighs over one-and-a-half pounds and is almost a half-foot wide! With swirls of aquas, white, and beach sand, there are pieces of the beach frozen inside its depths.
  • Lucky 13 Stack: This stack of sea glass features 13 pieces of beautiful, flat sea glass perfect for stacking or jewelry. They range in size from a gorgeous aquamarine mermaid tear a half-an-inch across to a huge sea foam piece almost three-and-a-half inches across. Together they weigh over nine ounces!
  • Heart of Te Fiti: This gorgeous piece is the ultimate beach glass collector's item. An almost-perfect three inches across, it is absolutely flawless, with edges smoothed by waves into a stunning oval. Swirls of color inside hint at ancient tales of fire and waves. The Heart of Te Fiti weighs more than three ounces. This is a once-in-a-lifetime piece for your collection.
  • Mermaid Wave Marbles and Frog: These two milk glass marbles are called Under the Sea and Smile and Wave. Under the Sea features a beautiful mermaid tail on one side and gentle undulating waves on the other. Smile and Wave has a cute orange smile on one side and hot orange and red waves on the other. Together the are cradled in a flower frog that has tumbled in the sea for decades, creating a shattered-yet-smooth texture and two holes, perfect for cradling the two beautiful sea marbles. Together they weigh in at almost six ounces.
  • Te Fiti: The mother island and source of life is reflected in this beautiful, frosted piece of sea foam sea glass. Hold her in your hand and you'll almost feel her soothing power. Incredibly smooth on all sides, this beauty weighs about two ounces and is almost three inches across. 

ky's beach marbles

Win a sea marble necklace

Ask a question in the live chat or reception, and you'll be entered to win a custom sea marble necklace from Tossed & Found Jewelry like the one below. You can use your own beach marble, or select from one of the marbles above, all found by Captain Ky.

Thank you to Tossed & Found Jewelry for sponsoring this sea marble necklace giveaway!

tossed & found ocean inspired jewelry

captain ky and lc

Meet Ky and LC

Ky Davis is a beachcomber sailing the world with his dog LC in search of rare sea glass. Learn more about Ky and see some of his incredible collection in Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy.

This event is made possible by the members of Beachcombing Club. Learn more about becoming a Beachcombing Club member ›


Absolutely thrilling to watch Capt. Ky and LC no matter what they doing!

Lisa Dailey June 14, 2021

In my wildest dreams!! What has been his favorite beach?

Boda May 26, 2021

Watching LC and captain Ky’s treasure hunting adventures are so exciting👍✌️

Kelly May 22, 2021

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