Sail Away with Captain Ky

Join Ky Davis who is sailing the world with his dog, LC, in search of undiscovered sea glass beaches and rare beach glass. You'll get a look at how Ky got started on his worldwide sea glass hunt and come along on some of his beachcombing adventures. 

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Thanks to everyone who joined our live Q&A with Ky after the premiere! It was great asking Ky about his sailing and beachcombing adventures, seeing his favorite finds, and bidding in his sea glass auction.

captain ky the bored pirate sea glass auction

Congrats on the lucky auction winners!

Thank you to Tossed & Found Jewelry for sponsoring this sea marble necklace giveaway!

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captain ky and lc

Meet Ky and LC

Ky Davis is a beachcomber sailing the world with his dog LC in search of rare sea glass. Learn more about Ky and see some of his incredible collection in Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy.

Follow Ky on YouTube at The Bored Pirate.

Check out more of Ky's adventures and live beachcombing trips, live sales, and auctions on Facebook at LC's Glass.

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Absolutely thrilling to watch Capt. Ky and LC no matter what they doing!

Lisa Dailey June 14, 2021

In my wildest dreams!! What has been his favorite beach?

Boda May 26, 2021

Watching LC and captain Ky’s treasure hunting adventures are so exciting👍✌️

Kelly May 22, 2021

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