Extreme Beachcombing in the Pacific Northwest

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a video premiere and live Q&A with one of the world's greatest beachcombers. John Anderson has filled his Beachcombing Museum in Washintgon State with literally tons of treasures found on beaches around the world. From sea glass floats to lost marine equipment and from fossils to shipping container flotsam, John has collected it all. This presentation takes you along as he scales cliffs, battles tides, and even outraces a plane to grab ocean treasures. After the video premiere, John answered questions

This presentation was part of the Beachcombing Summer Festival, with talks from beachcombing experts, live chats, and more to celebrate beachcombing season.

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John Anderson

John has been beachcombing since the 1970s, when he began climbing down cliffs, wading through high tides, and dragging his finds home with his family and friends through the forests of the Pacific Northwest. He is considered by some to be the world’s greatest beachcomber. His museum in Forks, Washington, includes examples of just about everything that washes up on beaches around the world.

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I am inspired by the story of John Anderson.

Carla Dail August 11, 2023

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