We love seeing your beachcombing photos and videos and are honored to share them with our worldwide beachcomber community through the pages of Beachcombing magazine. Following are some issues that commonly appear in images submitted to Beachcombing. Once you have selected the photo(s) or video(s) that you want to share, please step through this list to make sure they are ready for publication.

Please submit only your own photography and videos. Please do not resize or edit your photos or videos. If we need to resize them or optimize them for print, we have better technology to do so. Please set your phone or camera at the highest resolution and file size before you take your photos or shoot your videos and send us the originals.

We can't contact everyone who sends in submissions, so please make sure you confirm that your submission follows the guidelines below before you click "send." By sending in your photos and videos you give us permission to use them in print and online. Please sign a release form so we can use your submission in the magazine, website, and videos; to tell us how your name should appear; and to let us know where to mail a free copy of the magazine where your image or story appears.

We cannot use photos or videos:

  • that have been resized
  • that are cropped too tightly
  • that are blurry (don't get too close to the subject in your photo)
  • that are too small (original taken should be at least 1-2MB)
  • that have been filtered
  • that have been retouched
  • that have watermarks or type on them
  • that were taken in the shade or low light — go into the sunlight!
  • that are on a distracting background (or a dirty paper towel!)
  • that show your entire collection of something. It's best if you choose just a few of your favorites to focus on.

Didn't I see that already?

unique content

We know you are really excited about showing off your cool, new beach find, but when we select content to be in the magazine, we try to find stories and/or images that haven't been published or shared online yet. When readers open the magazine, they love to see something new that hasn't already been on Facebook and Instagram. 

Once the magazine comes out, we love when you share that your photo or story has appeared in print, posting photos of the page or linking to it on the website and generally announcing your awesome find. Please send us your unpublished images and stories for consideration in the magazine. If they are selected to appear, we ask that you not post them online until the magazine comes out, but of course, you retain all rights to your photos before, during, and after publication. We just like your cool story to be a surprise!

No fingerprints, please!

no hand photos please

Please do not send photos of your hands or fingers! In order for us to keep your identity safe, we retouch photos to remove finger and palm prints, so we usually don't select photos with hands in them. Instead of using your hands, photograph your item on the sand, driftwood, or rocks, on another beach find, or bring along a piece of wood or fabric as a neutral background. If you feel like you need to show the size of your find, put a coin or button in the photo—but not too close to your treasures! Often just the grain of wood or the texture in fabric is enough to convey the size of something, especially if it is small. 

Film videos horizontally

film videos horizontally

We can't use videos that are filmed vertically or in square format as they don't fill up a normal video screen. They should be in horizontal, landscape, wide, 16:9 format. Whatever you call it, make sure you turn your phone sideways whenever you make a video.

Think about your computer screen, your television, and a movie theater: they all have horizontal screens.

Cover Photos

Have you always dreamed of being on the cover of a magazine? Find out how we select Beachcombing magazine cover photos.

Be sure to leave lots of room around the sides so we can use your images horizontally and vertically.

Emailing or uploading

Email us single photos at "actual size" or "largest size" in your email program. Please include a subject line to tell us what is in the photo (e.g., "Clay Marbles" or "Buttons"). Upload multiple photos, videos, and files larger than 10MB to Google Drive, Dropbox, or your preferred file sharing site and email us the shareable link and include a subject line to tell us what is in the photos or videos. If you want to share the link directly from Google Drive or Dropbox, please share it with the email address etchedbytheseashop@gmail.com.

  • Photos should be high-resolution .jpg files at least 1800×1200 pixels and at least 1 MB file size.
  • Videos should be high-resolution HORIZONTAL format at least 1920×1080 pixels, or approximately 100MB file size for 30 seconds.  
  • Name your file with your full name and the photo subject, e.g., "Kelli-McCormick-Holiday-Decor.jpg" to make sure you get full credit for your photos and videos and we know why you are submitting them.
  • Download, complete, and return the photo release form that gives us permission to use your images and name and tells us where to send your free copy of Beachcombing if we use your image in the magazine. Because things can change at the last minute, completing and returning the form does not guarantee that your image will appear in the magazine, but will ensure we have your permission to include your image if possible. 

Don't send via social media

Please don't send things through Facebook or Instagram as they downsize images until they are no longer suitable for print. Thanks!

Magazine Photo Tips

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We look forward to sharing your photos and videos in the magazine!

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