A Visit to Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Come on a virtual beachcombing trip to search for Scottish Spongeware shards!

This video takes us on a walk through the history of spongeware pottery made in Scotland, and a trip to the beach to look for pieces discarded from the Methven Pottery Company in the early 1900s. Back in the studio, Nicole and Craig Lind identify some of the pieces and Nicole gives new life to these beautiful shards as jewelry. Watch the Scottish Mudlarking Spongeware video and rewatch the live text chat with Craig and Nicole.

Gold Beachcombing Club members were invited after the event to a VIP reception with Nicole and Craig on Zoom, where they had the opportunity to talk with Nicole and Craig, learn about resources for identifying sea pottery, and more!

This video premiere was made possible by the members of Beachcombing Club. Learn more about becoming a Beachcombing Club member ›

Event sponsor Tilia by the Sea offered a giveaway of a pair of spongeware earrings made from Scottish spongeware sea pottery. 

earrings made from beach pottery from Scotland

About Scottish Mudlarking

scottish mudlarking

The husband-and-wife team of Craig and Nicole have a YouTube channel called Scottish Mudlarking, where they share their beachcombing and mudlarking adventures across Scotland. Filmed in the Kingdom of Fife, their videos celebrate the diversity of Scotland’s beaches, its historic and abandoned buildings, and invite you to the beautiful Howe (Valley) of Fife in search of the treasures left from times gone by. Each Scottish Mudlarking video offers you a glimpse of Scotland's history, its places, and the people who lived there.

Nicole takes inspiration from each place they visit to create unique craft or jewelry from the day's best finds. She draws on creative influences from her background in architecture and design to make unique pieces of jewelry using sea glass and beach pottery for their Etsy Shop. Craig’s background in Social Anthropology and higher education give him a unique perspective on Scotland, often uncovering the stories about people who are lost to history. Nicole’s passion for seeing the beauty in beach found marbles, stoppers, beads and Scottish pottery, and Craig’s love of the Scottish environment, its wildlife, and history, combine to bring you the best that Scotland has to offer.

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel, check out their Etsy Shop, and buy them a cup of coffee — or more — at Ko-Fi.

Meet Nicole


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