Mudlarking in London with Jason Sandy

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Join mudlark Jason Sandy @jasonmudlark on a beachcombing trip to some of his favorite spots on the River Thames, where he finds treasures buried for centuries in the London mud. He also shares some of his favorite pieces in his extensive collection of finds from prehistory through modern times.

You can watch Mudlarking in London with Jason Sandy and replay the live chat with Jason and everyone who watched the premiere on YouTube.

After watching this video you are going to feel like you have just come back from a trip with Jason to his favorite spots on the Thames Foreshore — minus the mud! This is a video event that beachcombers will not want to miss. Jason brings you along for the moments when he digs up some truly spectacular finds. And if you watch during the premiere, you'll get to interact with Jason in real time.

Mudlarking on the Thames Foreshore requires a permit. Learn about rules for mudlarking in London ›

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Q&A with author Jason Sandy

Q&A with Jason Sandy

Beachcombing Club Gold members were invited to a live Q&A with Jason after the premiere, where they asked him about his mudlarking adventures, his favorite finds, and see more of his collection. 

If you are interested in being part of live Q&As, you can join Beachcombing Club for a month at Gold level — or upgrade to Gold if you are already a member — to give it a try. You can cancel or change your membership level at any time. Learn more about becoming a Beachcombing Club member ›

london mudlarking book

Congratulations to Elizabeth, who asked a question in the YouTube live chat and took home an autographed copy of Thames Mudlarking: Searching for London's Lost Treasures. Written by Jason and fellow mudlark Nick Stevens, this book takes you on a journey through London's history through the artifacts found by more than 50 modern treasure seekers.

About Jason Sandy

Jason is an American architect living and working in London. Beachcombing along the River Thames, he has found extraordinary artifacts, some of which are now on permanent display in museums around the United Kingdom. He is co-author of the book Thames Mudlarking: Searching for London's Lost Treasures and is a frequent contributor to Beachcombing magazine. Jason is a member of the exclusive Society of Thames Mudlarks. Instagram

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Good afternoon,
I just discovered your video and I enjoyed it!
I spotted a colourful bead in your display (oval in shape and with stripes) and I was wondering if this was a ‘slave bead’.

Babette November 08, 2021

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