Beachcombing Volume 26: September/October 2021


Volume 26: September/October 2021

This issue of Beachcombing Magazine features seashells, sea glass, mudlarking,  beachcombing travel, and more!

Inside this issue

  • The Many Names of Clypeasteroida, Alex Scott
  • Isla Mujeres: See you at sunrise! Christine Solorio
  • Beachcombing in Okinawa, Tony Duncan
  • The True Story of Frozen Charlotte Dolls
  • Hermit Crabs, Alex Scott
  • When a Handful of Sand is Priceless, Laura Deering
  • Mudlarking: Buttons with Backstories, Jason Sandy
  • Exonumia
  • Beyond the Views: How Vacations Can Help You
  • Going with the Flow, Teri Hall
  • Deadly Beauties, Alex Scott
  • Upcoming Events
  • What’s your favorite color of sea or beach glass?
  • Totally Thames Festival
  • Boat & Float Day, John Weldon
  • Mermaid Tears Photo Contest
  • Hotel Tips for Beachcombers
  • Beachin’ Gear
  • Botanical Jewelry: Skipping Lilies
  • Done Any Jigsaw Puzzles Lately? Claire Ferguson
  • Beachcomber Yoga Warmup, Teri Hall
  • Spotlight Artisan: Mary T. McCarthy
  • Inspired by the Sea, Claire Ferguson
  • Seashell Butterflies, Ginger Bowman
  • Beach Reads, Cindy Bilbao

On the cover: Hawaiian Cone Shells by Jennie Altman