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gear for beachcombersThe crowds have left the beach and you can finally enjoy the beauty a wide-open stretch of the shore. Now’s a great time to take a look at what you should bring along on your next beachcombing adventure.

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footwear for beachcombers


Whether you’re strolling along on white sand beaches, or climbing across rocks and shimmying down cliffsides to get to your beach, having the right shoes is a must. Be sure your soles offer grip on wet surfaces, support your feet, and don’t have any holes to let in a rush of chilly water. Pro tip: Keep an extra pair of shoes and socks in the car to switch into when you get back.

sun protection for beachcombing

Sun Protection

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun, even in winter. A hat, sunglasses, and daily sunscreen help keep your skin and eyes heathy year-round. Pro tip: Bring a travel size tube of sunscreen to reapply if you’re out for a while.

coats and gloves


Layer up so your ready if the weather changes during the day. Wear a coat or jacket with lots of pockets to store your treasures and gear, and get fingerless gloves to collect treasures. Pro tip: Wear rubber gloves to keep your hands dry even if your gloves get wet.

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tech gear for the beach


Capture the beauty of your beach and your beach finds with a camera or your smartphone. Be sure to keep your gadgets and your beach finds in separate bags—sand and electronics don’t mix! Pro tip: Install tide and/or weather apps on your phone to stay safe and dry.

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Don’t forget some water and energy snacks if you’re going to be out for a while. Pro tip: Keep some snacks and water in your car for a post-beach energy boost.

beachcombing bags


Whether you’re picking up a handful of glass, a pound of shells, or buckets of beach trash, you’ll want to have a place to put your loot. A fanny pack, a backpack, a mesh beachcombing bag, or a tote work great. Pro tip: Bring an old paper coffee cup with a lid and put fragile items inside to protect them until you get home. Reuse and recycle that cup!

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Happy hunting!

One great thing about beachcombing is that you don’t need to bring a lot to the beach, which leaves more room for beach finds!

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