Beachcombing Volume 18: May/June 2020


Volume 18: May/June 2020


  • Destination: Outer Banks
  • Amanda's Way of Shelling
  • Mudlarking: Iron Age to Tudor Jewelry
  • Lake Superior Agates
  • The Chambered Nautilus
  • The Sea Unicorn: Narwhals
  • Mermaid's Purses
  • Mermaid and Pirate Art
  • Tales of the Sea: Pirate and Mermaid Stories
  • Pirates and Buried Treasure
  • The Irish Merrow
  • Lady of the Sea: Manatees
  • Aye, a Selkie Wife, She Was


On the cover: Seashell, Outer Banks, North Carolina, Tiffany Meekins

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