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Art, photos, and poems about mermaids and pirates from our beachcombing community.

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  1. Jon Willard @beachsoulmosaic.
  2. Mary Beth Dugan
  3. Alyssa Osborne
  4. Victoria Roberts
  5. Helen Butcher
  6. Gretchen Blade
  7. Kim Wood-Bonds
  8. Lisa Buffett
  9. Tarah Hoffmann
  10. Molly Snody
  11. Jacqueline Klachko
  12. Nicky Brindley
  13. Molly Snody

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  1. Rowy Marynissen
  2. Kristina Braga
  3. Mary Louise Lauffer
  4. Kenneth Blaine
  5. Kristina Braga
  6. Bridget Bilodeau
  7. Jan Piazza

connecticut pirate

Captain Kidd's Connecticut

By Carole Roche

Eenie, meenie, miney, HO!
To which Isle did Captain Kidd there go?

As famous legends all say,
On Connecticut shores his loot does lay.

On his way to court to find,
if he was guilty of a pirate crime,

Captain Kidd did bury that gold
with hopes of innocence we are told.

But to the gallows he was sent,
And there the treasures sat—content!

Was it the Isle named Charles where it was stashed,
Or a beach that was long in Lordship perhaps?

Might it be under a Thimble Isle or two,
Or as far as the "New" London say a few?

To this day the true tale of Kidd's hidden riches
Has made many seekers shovel holes and ditches!

So now go...yo-ho-ho! And walk these shores,
Because all the found booty will forever be yours!

mermaid swimming

The Mermaids sing at eventide

By Leah Howell

The Mermaids sing at eventide
To sailors on the sea
They play on Triton trumpets
A tune so sweet and free

It haunts the souls of mortals
Amuses heavenly hosts
As their song threads ‘cross the ocean
Like the fingers of a ghost

And happy is the sailor,
who hears the Siren song
For the memory of it lingers
Throughout his whole life long

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine May/June 2020 issue.

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