Northeast Sea Glass Expo

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If you time your visit to New Hampshire’s Seacoast right, you’ll catch the annual Northeast Sea Glass Expo. The expo takes place in Seabrook, just 20 minutes south of Portsmouth. 

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You’ll find more than 50 artisans with everything from sea glass jewelry and art to sea shell and driftwood décor to beach stone jewelry and accessories. Collectors show—and sell—some of their favorite beach finds, and you have the chance to speak with makers about their arts and crafts. A highlight of the expo is the slate of expert speakers who lecture on different beachcombing and collecting topics. 

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Sea glass enthusiasts show up early on Saturday to see the best new pieces and rare finds from collectors and artists. Sunday features the announcement of the winners of the sea glass competition for the year’s best finds. Attendees come from New England, the mid-Atlantic states, Canada, Florida, and from as far away as England. 

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Plan a long weekend on the shortest coastline on New Hampshire's sea coast.

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This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine March/April 2019 issue.

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