North American Sea Glass Festival Shard of the Year 2021

best in show sea glass festival 2021Congratulations!

Cheers to the winners of the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA) 2021 Virtual Festival Photo Contest!

Founded in 2005, NASGA is a non-profit organization supporting sea glass collectors and the sea glass community with festivals, information, educational opportunities, and more. The 15th North American Sea Glass Festival was virtual this year, but it still included visitors’ favorite parts of the festival: lectures, vendors, and the Shard of the Year Contest.

Entries for the contest came in from around the world and judges placed winners in ten categories, selecting one best-in-show winner to receive top honors. The judges had an especially hard time selecting winners this year, as there were so many beautiful and interesting finds submitted by beachcombers. Take a look at the winners on this page, and visit the North American Sea Glass Association website to see all the entries, along with videos of all the presentations. 

best sea glass photo of the year

Shard of the Year/Best in Show: Merri Lassotovitch

ceramic doll headFigural: Deedee Bedford

sea glass button

Button/Bead: Merri Lassotovitch

art glass sea glass

Art Glass: Diane Gomes

sea glass stopperBottle Stopper: Sandra Marsco

black sea glass cameo

Most Unusual: Merri Lassotovitch

sea pottery elephant

Whimsical: Debbie Woodring

pottery jar historical beach findHistorical: Mary Louise Lauffer

sea pottery colorful

Pottery/Ceramics: Sadie E. Routzahn

best sea marble photoMarble: Catherine Cravotta Green

frosted sea glass bottle

Frosted Bottle: Ray Hoffmann

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This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine November/December 2021 issue.

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