2022 Beachcombing Seashell Photo Contest Winners

best seashell photo

To celebrate National Seashell Day, we are honoring the best seashell finds! We received entires from beaches around the world and the votes are in and The People's Choice Award has been awarded! Jaime Sawczyn's photo (above) received the most votes in our People's Choice poll. She'll be taking home a huge prize package! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in this very close race!

seashell photo contest prizes

The Grand Prize for People's Choice Winner includes:

  • A free year of Beachcombing magazine
  • An autographed copy of Seashells by Cindy Bilbao
  • An autographed copy of My Way of Shelling
  • Sand Dipper Big Dipper with 6-inch scooping Basket
  • Sand Dipper Shell Collecting Fanny Pack
  • Sand Dipper Shell Collecting Wristlet Beach Bag
  • HKM Jewelry silver channeled whelk earrings cast from a whelk shell
  • SunSport Canvas Mesh Cross-Body Bag
  • Sand Defeater Pro Bum Beach Brush

Thank you to Cindy Bilbao, author of Seashells, and Amanda Collett, author of My Way of Shelling, for selecting our 15 anonymous finalists! You can see their choices below, now with their names.

All finalists will appear in an upcoming issue of Beachcombing and get a free copy of the magazine where their photos appear. 

Thank you to our generous prize sponsors:


Jaime Sawczyn


Jill Yutan

Jaime Sawczyn

Janice Hursen



Jaime Sawczyn

Jaime Sawczyn

Jaime Sawczyn

Janice Hursen

Rocio Lopez Fontela

Rocio Lopez Fontela

Lucy Frost

Michelle LaDuke

Sheila Strong

Terri Watson

Michelle LaDuke

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No live shelling: Be sure shells are empty and sand dollars, sea stars, and sea urchins are no longer alive before you bring them home.

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Jaime Sawczyn‘a Starfish gets my vote!

Cindy McBrayer July 04, 2022
gets my vote. I really like the sense of ‘no-scale’ That shell could be the size of a house ! Also really like to contrast of the colors, beach and horizon.
Ron Kagawa June 27, 2022
gets my vote
Michelle Mayer June 25, 2022
gets my vote
Crystal Main June 24, 2022

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