North American Sea Glass Festival Contest Winners 2022

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2022 Sea Glass Contest! North American Sea Glass Association judges gave out Honorable Mention ribbons to stellar submissions, selected winners in 12 categories, and awarded Overall Beauty/Best of Show to Bryna Darling at the North American Sea Glass Festival in Ohio on May 22, 2022.

Best sea glass find of the year 2022

🔼 Overall Beauty/Best of Show: Bryna Darling

sea glass contest winners

🔼 2022 Sea Glass Contest Winners

beach glass torpedo bottle from great lakes

🔼 Historical: Tarah Nicole

best sea and beach glass finds 2022

🔼 Art Glass: Marcy Orr Berger, Marble: Cheryl Ann Fisher, Button: Angie Battig

sea glass bottle figurine art glass

🔼 Frosted Bottle: Michael Wright, Bottle Stopper: Connie Simons, Figural: Larry White

sea pottery bonfire glass beach glass domino

🔼 Ceramic: Larry White, Most Unusual: Barbara G. Smith, Toy: Melissa Doak

sea glass stopper from canada

🔼 Vendor Entry: Anne Marie Johnson

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