Beachcombing Volume 39: November/December 2023


Volume 39: November/December 2023

This issue features beautiful beads found on oceans, lakes, and rivers around the world. Meet some French sea glass collectors and learn how to make art using seashells and sand dollars. See fascinating finds from the River Thames and the Great Lakes and check out some creative beach-themed advent calendars. And there’s more from our global community of shellers, glassers, mudlarks, and collectors.

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In this issue

  • 17th International Sea Glass Contest
  • Trading New for Very Old, Amy Bentley
  • Beach Beads, Kirsti Scott
  • Mudlarking: Working River, Jason Sandy
  • Sea Glass Guide: Bucket List Beach Finds and Sea Stoppers, Lucy Tapper
  • Seeded Glass, Ingrid Lynch
  • Made in France, Muriel Gaultier
  • Mermaid Shells, Amy Bentley
  • Mandala Dotted Shells, Diana Watkins
  • Sand Dollar Ornament, Gina Olkowski
  • Beachcombing Bike Adventure, Laura Deering
  • Home on the Lake, Anna Roche Clark
  • The Eternal Couple, Belinda Lorking-Tanner
  • If Not for the Love of Sea Glass, Suzy Casement
  • Belinda... Lainie
  • To Belinda, Fiona Dart
  • Beach Reads, Cindy Bilbao
  • Start the Countdown: Advent Calendars for Beachcombers
  • International Sea Glass Association
  • Upcoming Events
On the cover: Beach-found beads, Nicole Lind

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