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advent calendars for beach combers

A countdown calendar can make waiting even more fun! Check out these creative advent and countdown calendars that make counting down to a special day, event, or vacation an adventure in itself.

sea & sky sea glass greetings advent calendar

Sea Glass Advent Countdown Calendar

This calendar is filled with collectible sea glass from around the world. Selected from the extensive Sea and Sky Studio Collection, each door reveals a piece of sea glass labeled with its area of origin. It’s a great way to add pieces from around the world to your collection of sea and beach glass. Every day you’ll be surprised with wave tumbled pastel sea glass, art glass smoothed by the waves, or some rare and unusual pieces of beach glass.

Count off the days until your favorite holiday, birthday, vacation, getaway, or festival! 

scottish mudlarking advent beachcombing calendar

Scottish Mudlarking Advent Calendar

Throughout the year, Nicole and Craig Lind have been collecting treasures to fill the 2023 limited-edition Scottish Mudlarking Advent Calendar. Each day reveals a special find from a beach or bottle dump, including marbles, clay pipe bowls,  mourning buttons, or beads. Nicole and Craig also include some sterling silver sea glass and sea pottery jewelry tucked away behind the little doors of the calendar.

different designs of advent calendar from scotland for beachcombers

There are multiple designs to choose from, each filled with Scottish beach treasures. The 2023 calendar is a limited edition of 30, but Scottish Mudlarking has offered to hold five in reserve for Beachcombing readers who purchase calendars in early October. Get a sneak peek inside on the Scottish Mudlarking Ko-fi page and on instagram @scottish_mudlarking.

LC's glass advent - ure advent calendar

The LC’S Glass Adventure Calendar

Every day of this calendar offers a beachcombing surprise from the Caribbean Sea, handpicked by Captain Ky, the Sea Glass Guy. With unique, well-worn treasures, you’ll be surprised with a jewelry-quality piece of teal sea glass or a highly coveted sea marble. There are high-quality beach glass and sea pottery pieces for you to add to your collection—maybe a heart-shaped piece of glass, a piece of bonfire glass, or patterned privacy glass. Some days have notes about the origins of your beach find. Grab this limited-edition countdown calendar filled with beach finds starting on November 1st, while supplies last.
25-day calendar $150, 12-day calendar $70

advent calendar for rock collectors, mermaids, pirates

More Beach-themed Countdown Calendars

If you miss out on any of the limited-edition, handmade calendars, check out these others for your favorite collectors and beach lovers of all ages.

National Geographic Rock Collection Calendar

Comes with polished rocks, gems, and fossils, plus a crystal you get to dig out on the final day. Fun way to start a rock collection and learn more about geology.
$24.99 on Amazon

SparklexLab Advent Calendar

Includes different types of natural crystal ores, gemstone minerals, and fossil specimens from all over the world, plus a book to help understand and identify each kind of mineral.
$27.99 on Amazon

Playmobil Pirate Treasure Island Advent Calendar

Choose from a variety of Playmobil pirate calendars for endless treasure on your next buccaneer adventure!
$39.95 on Amazon

Playmobil Bathtime Fun Magical Mermaids Advent Calendar

Includes mermaids, sea animals, sea carriages, and much more for your favorite mer-people!
$39.95 on Amazon

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This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine November/December 2023 issue 40.

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