17th International Sea Glass Contest

international sea glass judging of entries

Congratulations to all the winners of the 17th International Sea Glass Contest! The International Sea Glass Association (ISGA) judges gave out Honorable Mention ribbons to stellar submissions, selected winners in 12 categories, and awarded Find of the Year to Anna Roche Clark at the 17th International Sea Glass Festival in Mystic, Connecticut, on July 30, 2023. Learn more about International Sea Glass Festivals.

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Find of the Year: Anna Roche Clark

Anna found the stopper for a hummingbird feeder in Lake Michigan on the north side of a Chicago beach, buried in a rock pile two days before Thanksgiving 2022. There had been 60-mph winds a few days earlier. “I had walked over that particular pile of rocks twice before, and started digging with my feet out of boredom while listening to an audiobook,” says Anna. “When I first spied it, I thought it was a brown sea glass coin. “When Anna posted a video of the stopper on Instagram, the funniest comment she got was, “OK, now I hate you,” to which she replied “LOL, that’s fair.” She spotted an “R” an “A” and an “S” which led to its identification as the top of a “PARASOL” hummingbird feeder.

Most Unusual sea glass Arlene Klaasen

Most Unusual: Arlene Klaasen

Sea Marble and Pottery/Ceramics Debbie Noce Woodring

Marble and Pottery/Ceramics: Debbie Noce Woodring

best sea glass Bottle Stopper Tressy N. Collier

Bottle Stopper: Tressy N. Collier

best sea glass Art Glass Jean St. Denis

Art Glass: Jean St. Denis

Best sea glass find by professional member Ruben Agudo RubToys Sea Glass

Vendor: Ruben Agudo/ RubToys Sea Glass

sea glass Frosted Bottle beach glass Button Christine Colella

Frosted Bottle and Buttons/Beads: Christine Colella

sea glass Figurine Mary Barrette

Figural: Mary Barrette

beach found toy Ashley Butler Historical beach find Camden Celtruda

Whimsical/Toys: Ashley Butler Historical: Camden Celtruda

Learn more about upcoming International Sea Glass Festivals on the International Sea Glass Association website.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine November/December 2023 issue 39

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