The Eternal Couple

By Belinda Lorking-Tanner


Sunshine at the beach (Suzy Casement)

You’d promised to caress me forever.

Joined as one but so uniquely different.

Me, sometimes hard and coarse, while you,
always wet but switching from calm to rough.

I never knew from one day to the next what you’d be.

I only knew that I waited my time for you to cool me down.
The heat would get to me.

You’d use me every day to show the world your beauty.
Moving me and separating me. I was always at your will.

My favourite time was when you’d leave me gifts!
One day nothing then the next, you’d shower me
with the most exquisite treasures.
Those days, I knew you loved me and needed me badly.

I envied you your freedom to move away and meet others.
I was always just there.

I pray you’ll never leave me forever, but that will never happen.

We are the eternal couple.

We are the sand and the sea.

Phil and Belinda

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