Beachcombing Volume 36: May/June 2023


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Volume 36: May/June 2023

This issue features finds from beaches around the world. You'll learn some history about buttons, find out what it's like to beachcomb in a harbor in Sicily, see how Londoners through history kept themselves looking and feeling good, check out a miniature shell shop, and enjoy photos of some of our readers' earliest beach memories. And there's more from our global community of shellers, glassers, mudlarks, and collectors.

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Inside this issue

  • Panòrmos: A Whole Harbor, Adele Cammarata
  • Mourning Buttons, Nicole Lind
  • Mother of Pearl Gold Rush, Mary Meinking
  • Mudlarking: Looking Good, Jason Sandy
  • The Little Shell Shop, William Alex Winner
  • Willy’s Jeep, Jane Webber
  • Inside a Shell Show, Amy Bentley
  • Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other
  • Top 36 Beachcombing Destinations
  • Found-Object Prints, Karen Bowskill
  • Beach Memories
  • Button, Button, Who Found the Button?
  • Spotlight Artisan: Pam Longobardi
  • Beach Reads, Cindy Bilbao
  • Mind Full of Peace, Kimberly Griffin
  • Upcoming Events

On the cover: Beach button collection Captain Ky Davis of LC’s Glass.