Beachcombing Volume 29: March/April 2022


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Volume 29: March/April 2022

Beachcombing Volume 29 is filled with stories about beach finds, coastal critters, seashells, lighthouse history, beach pottery, mudlarking finds, coastal artists, and more.

Inside this issue

  • Violet Sea Snails, Maureen Wyer
  • Amethyst Beauty, Kate Messer
  • Beach Bricks, Kirsti Scott
  • Mudlarking: Weapons and Warfare, Jason Sandy
  • Stand Up Paddle Perspectives, Jaime Sawczyn
  • One Man’s Trash: Tepco Beach, Kirsti Scott
  • Hunting for History, Toni-maree Rowe
  • Lighthouse Libraries, Kirsti Scott
  • A Lifetime of Beach Treasures for Sale, Anna Roche Clark
  • Destination: Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands, Kirsti Scott
  • Rocks That Are Anything But Boring, Amy Bentley
  • Scaphella Junonia, Claire Ferguson
  • Washed-Up Art: Miles Taverner
  • Spotlight Artisan: Emilia Knudsen
  • 2022 Sanibel Shell Show
  • Upcoming Events
  • Beach Reads, Cindy Bilbao
  • Sea Glass Search Contest

On the cover: Starfish photographed at low tide by Jaime Sawczyn. Jaime left the starfish in the water as it was still alive, taking only its photograph.