Beachcombing Volume 22: January/February 2021


Volume 22: January/February 2021

January/February 2021 issue of Beachcombing has collectors and artists from the Great Lakes, California, Delaware, Florida, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Scotland, England, and even a beachcomber who is sailing the world hunting for treasures. It’s packed with seashells, mudlarking finds, beautiful collections of beach glass, and more. 

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  • Captain Ky the Sea Glass Guy Kyle Davis
  • Shark Frenzy Brittanie Hervas
  • Urban Beachcombing Christine Solorio
  • A Shelling Momma Amanda Baker
  • Mudlarking: Lost for Words Jason Sandy
  • The Shell Show Must Go On! 
  • Harmony and Flow in Puerto Rico Kenneth Blaine
  • My indelible Love of ink bottles Jane Eastman
  • Beachcomber on Rose Street Astrid Jekel
  • A place to shellebrate Amanda Collet
  • Lessons Learned: Lighthouse Keeper Harriet Colfax Laura Deering
  • Lost at Sea: The Sunken Cargo of the Tokio Express Helen Butcher
  • Spotlight Artisan Allie McCathren
  • Coke Bottle Blues Natalie Schriefer
  • Shark Eyes: The Cannibalistic Mollusk Riley Renfro
  • Mystery Beach Richard McPherson
  • Sea Star Marina Malačić
  • Rust in Peace Jason Sandy
  • Framed Beach Treasures Harriet Downes-Slaughter
  • Beach Reads Cindy Bilbao
On the cover: Sea glass heart from Puerto Rico by Christian Maysonet and Kenneth Blaine

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