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beachcomber survey

We'd love to learn more about you and your beachcombing interests. Your anonymous answers help us create the magazine you want to read. Take the reader survey ›

poll to find out what kind of beachcomber you are
Just like the huge variety of treasures that wash upon the shores of the world, there are many different types of beachcombers. What type of beachcomber are you?

beachcombing destination bucket list

We all love dreaming about the places we'll visit some day. What's on the top of your list for a beachcombing trip? 

colors of beach glass in a row

What's your favorite sea or beach glass color? Vote for your favorite color of beach glass ›

favorite seashell beach

If you had to pick your favorite place for collecting seashells, where would it be? Let us know in our seashell beach poll.

michigan beach fossil

If you love collecting fossils on beaches, lakes, rivers, or streams, we'd love to hear about your favorite spots! Where is the best place to find beach fossils?

top 10 beachcombing finds

What's on your beachcombing bucket list? What top three things would you like to find on the beach?

secret beachcombing locations

Some people happily share the locations of beachcombing spots, while others keep their favorite beaches under wraps. What do you say?

beachcomber travel survey

Whether it’s a beach you keep coming back to or one you’ve been dreaming of for years, we want to hear about your beachcombing travel ideas.Take the Beachcombing Wanderlust survey.

what do you bring to the beach to beach comb

What three things do you always bring to the beach? Take the beachcombing gear survey.

what type of beachcomber are you

What's your beach personality? Take the quiz to find out!

Test your Beachcombing knowledge!

horseshoe crab

How much do you know about beachcombing? See how many questions you get right in this 15-question beachcombing quiz ›

beach quiz

How much do you know about seashells? Take the Beachcombing Seashell Quiz to find out!