Mudlarking Series by Jason Sandy

Jason Sandy is an American architect living and working in London. Beachcombing along the River Thames, he has found extraordinary artifacts, which are now on permanent display in museums around the United Kingdom. He is a member of the exclusive Society of Thames Mudlarks. Find him on Instagram @jasonmudlark.

Jason is the author of an ongoing series of articles in Beachcombing Magazine and Glassing Magazine about mudlarking on the River Thames. Following are links to his articles.  Learn more about Jason Sandy ›

clay pipes found on river thames
March/April 2019: The Art of Smoking
January/February 2019: Pirates of the River Thames
September/October 2018: Seal the Deal
thames river mudlark garnet ring
historic antique glass bottles river thames
mudlarking river thames
January/Feburary 2018: Mudlarking We Will Go

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