The Codd Neck Bottle

By Rebecca Ruger

codd marble in the neck of a codd bottle
The Codd marble bottle was born from the need to keep carbonated drinks from going ‘flat’. Originally, effervescent drinks were contained in stoneware bottles, but these allowed the gas to leak and the drink would indeed go flat. Soon, bottlers were using glass bottles but noted that the pressure from the gas within the bottle could force the cork stopper out, especially if the cork dried out.

hiram codd bottle
In 1872, then 34-year old Hiram Codd of Suffolk, England solved the problem by inventing and patenting his design for a bottle that used a marble and rubber gasket to seal the beverage within. Codd was by trade a mechanical engineer, who at one time worked as a salesman for the “British and Foreign Cork Company” where he identified the need for a new type of closure, even though a successful invention would diminish the need of the very items he sold – corks. But successful he was.

“His bottle used the effervescent pressure of the mineral water itself to force a marble against a rubber washer in the upper ring of the neck of the bottle. This made for a very efficient and durable seal. (Some of these bottles have remained sealed for more than 100 years),” writes Cecil Munsey, in his 2010, Codd (Marble-In-The-Neck) Soda-Water Bottles, Then and Now!

Munsey explains that while Codd’s idea appears “brilliantly simple”, it’s actually more clever than at first glance. Codd had also considered and solved the problem of the marble getting in the way of drinking and pouring by designing a pinched neck which kept the marble from stopping the liquid when titled after opening. Also, the bottle could easily be re-sealed by shaking it vigorously and then turning it upside-down to force the marble back a closure position.

antique codd bottle opener

Codd also devised a bottle opener to be inserted into the bottle's neck to push the marble down to ‘open’ the drink and let the trapped gas escape. Although Codd's opener was widely used in public settings, privately most people simply used their little finger to push the marble down.

open codd bottle
Codd's invention was so effective in England that it was implemented by nearly all the English mineral water and soda pop manufacturers of the time. He sold licenses with a yearly fee to bottle manufacturers who wished to adopt his closure method. Many imitators followed, with other inventors making minor modifications to the Codd design but keeping with the basic idea of the marble and rubber gasket, but generally any subsequent marble-in-neck bottle was simply known as a Codd marble bottle.

Earlier and original Codd bottles are prized by antique bottle collectors worldwide. Codd's patented marble stopper bottle is still manufactured in India by the Khandelwal glass works, established 1932. Additionally, Codd bottles are also mass-produced for the popular Japanese soft drink, Ramune, which was introduced in 1872 in a lemon-lime flavor and now is available in 37 different flavors.

This article appeared in the Glassing Magazine January/February 2018 issue.

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My Father has a Codd bottle stamped Dover and District, I cannot find anything similar. It has a lovely colour in the middle. He dredged it off the sea bed many years ago

Christopher Berry January 13, 2024

I have a cod bottle which I can’t date or find a manufacturer. On the bottom themarks are an I and an N the number 3 then N T. Can anyone identify this for me, thanks

Margo robinson January 02, 2022

I have an unopened codd bottle green or aqua in color with the seal still on it if anyone is interested or if anyone can please help me date it it has a star with a T in the middle embossed on the bottom. Thank you!

Emma schultz July 25, 2021

I too have just purchased a Codd bottle, very interesting piece. I’m wanting to learn alittle bit about it & where it was made, bottled, how long, ect
It appears to be very old, on the front it says H Longworth Eccles, & bottom stamped HLE. If anyone knows anything, I would dearly appreciate . Thanks again for letting me share my new find.

Paul Montague May 05, 2021

I have a cod neck bottle for sale if anyone is interested in buying one .

Philip mcdermott April 29, 2021

Theresa & Kay, please contact me. I am interested in your Codd bottles.

Chuck April 23, 2021

Ray I am interested in the Codd bottle w/contents.

Chuck April 23, 2021

I have these .. in Florida several antique places have them … they came from Europe… they are interesting bottles. I even found an old wooden opener. Which it what caused the pop aka. Soda pop!

Marilyn February 27, 2021

I have a bottle with an long handled axe crossed flags and a wave on it have looked on line but found nothing what was this bottle used for can anyone help

Mary Gibson February 11, 2021

Hi to you.
I have been searching the net for help regarding my Codd bottle. I have had it for the past 16 years now. When my father past away i took it and and have taken care of it all these years and of course he took care of it many years too. He was given this bottle by his grand parents but the special thing about the bottle is that it is in excelent condition and what makes it even more special is that it is from 1886 and still has the original water and glass marble cork still in place. I have sent inquiries to many people but i think many do not believe me. If there is anyone else that you could put me on to i will be very greatfull.
Kind regards
Ray Bauermeister
p.s. I can send photos of the bottle if you do not believe me. I am yet to see a Codd bottle in this condition with the original soda water and marble in place.

Ray Patrick Bauermeister November 18, 2020

I was reading up on Codd Marbles and found this article. I was curious if you still have this bottle and wanted to sell it? I am I interested if so!
Thank you,
Kay Richardson

Kay Richardson August 03, 2020

I bought one of these bittles many years ago. I am downsizing so I am wanting to sell it. If anybody is interested contact me.

Teresa griffis May 01, 2020

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