6 Ways to Use Sea Glass

By Christeena H. Minopetros

Well, here you are at home, and maybe your beachcombing bucket is full. Now the big question is what to do with it? If you have no interest in drilling and designing jewelry with your finds, here are my favorite ways to display sea glass, shells, rocks, and other finds. Creating a display is a great way to remember days spent at the beach.

fill a container with sea glass

Fill a bowl.

Dig through your cabinets and garage for jars, vases, bowls, or shallow trays. Fill them up creating a mix that makes you happy. A window sill with lots of light is the perfect place for your display. 

fill candle with sea glass
Make a candle display.

Start with a shallow container or a glass pie plate. Add a few battery-operated votive candles and fill in with the sea glass, shells, or colorful rocks. Clear, white sea glass with the glow of the candles is lovely.

glue sea glass on container
Decorate a glass container.

Start with a clean, small glass bowl, votive candle holder, or dish. This project is like doing a jigsaw puzzle, where you patiently glue each piece of glass on, leaving as little space as possible between pieces. Use E6000 glue, working on each side one at a time, and letting the pieces dry before continuing to the next side. 

fill flower vase with sea glass
Add sea glass to your flower vase.

Arrange flowers in your vase or jar, add sea glass to the bottom, and fill with water. The color and texture will enhance your fresh flowers.

sea glass ornament
Make a sea glass ornament.

Buy clear plastic or glass ornament jars or balls. Fill them with sand and small shells or sea glass. Finish your ornament with a festive cord or ribbon and hang anywhere in your home.

glue sea glass on canvas
Frame it.

Add some bling to an old frame or canvas or use a shadow box to frame your masterpiece. Try different styles and patterns laying everything out before you glue things down with E6000 glue. There is no wrong pattern—just have fun!  

sea glass mosaicsea glass and seashell mirror frame

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine July/August 2020 issue.

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