10 Tips for Finding a Sea Glass Marble

By Alicia Cockrum

marble hiding on beach in rocks and sea weed

1. Take a few moments to examine the shoreline. Marbles roll so they will often roll down from the tide lines if they are not stuck in the tideline itself.

sea marble hunting on beach

2. Look between large rocks—in the areas where the sand meets the rocks edges. Marbles like to tuck themselves in here.

beach marble hidden in the rocks

3. Bring a marble with you and place it on the beach—take moment to let your mind and eyes examine what you are looking for. It is often easier to find something if your brain has a clear idea of what it may look like. Remind yourself you are looking for something round. 

hunting for beach marbles

4. Marbles may be found in rock piles with rocks that are equal to or bigger than the size of a marble.

5. Spend some time kicking rocks—if a marble is in the pile you may see it roll out from the area you kicked.

where to find sea marbles

6. Look for low-lying areas along your beach that have areas of exposed pebbles sticking out from the sand. Marbles can often be found sitting inside of the depressions next to the rocks.

german sea marble on beach

7. Walk along the edge of the surf and if you are lucky, a marble or two may wash up.

8. Become familiar with the tide tables at your favorite beach. A low tide following a very high tide tends to churn up the ocean, creating more opportunities to find a marble.

9. Try looking after or during a storm. Bad weather is every beachcomber’s friend.

10.  Practice gratitude for the gifts the ocean gives you and patience for what gifts may come.  

All photos copyrighted by Tide Charmers

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine November/December 2019 issue

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