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beachcombing apps

We go to the beach for many different reasons: to look for sea glass, shells, and driftwood; to breathe in the fresh air; to get in touch with nature and wildlife; and to just get away for our tech-filled lives. But sometimes, a little technology goes a long way to making our getaways better! We asked our readers what their favorite apps and websites are for making the most of their beachcombing trips, and here are the results.

tide app


By far the most popular apps were those for tides, wave height, and currents. Favorites include Tides Near Me, Magic Seaweed, Surfline, and the NOAA website.

weather app


Weather apps and websites, such as Willy Weather and The Weather Channel provide information about wind speeds, swell heights, and times for sunrise and sunset.

phone camera app


Photography apps, including the camera app, are great for taking photos or simply recording the sounds of the waves. The Instagram Layout app for collages is also popular.

walking pedometer app


If you’re counting your steps or want to track how far you’ve walked, apps like Map My Walk are a great way to track your fitness while you beachcomb.

social media app

Social Media

Sharing your beach-found treasures once you get home is half of the fun! We love Instagram and Facebook for connecting with fellow beachcombers.

wildlife identification app


Apps for identifying what you see at the beach include Merlin Bird ID, iNaturalist, Leafsnap, UK Fossil Explorer, Beachcomber for Australia, and the Shell Guide.

dog walking app


Track your walks with your dog and WoofTrax donates to your local dog shelter. You and your pup get a walk, and your local organization gets a donation!

beach cleanup app

Marine Debris

Report debris sightings on coastlines and waterways with this app. You can help researchers understand where debris is, how it’s moving, and help clean it up.

sea glass app

Our Dream App

All those other apps are great, but just imagine if there were an app that showed all the old beach trash dumps in the world. We’d all use that one to find sea glass every day!

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine January/February 2019 issue.

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