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July/August 2020, Vol 19

In this issue


  • Rainbow Connection, Beach rainbows from our readers
  • A Little Piece of Hope, Maxine Northam
  • Red Glass: Why is it so special? And, why does it fascinate us?, James Allen
  • The Journey of Bonfire Glass, Mary T. McCarthy
  • Children’s Beach Books, Cindy Bilbao
  • Mudlarking: Lost Jewelry from the 17th through 20th Centuries, Jason Sandy
  • The Chemistry of Coloured Glass, Andy Brunning
  • Concretions, Su Kirk
  • Wampum, Alex Scott
  • A Rainbow of Bottle Colors, Bill Lindsey
  • Splendid Sands, Leo Kenney and Kate Clover
  • Destination: Cornwall, Helen Butcher
  • Bring Out the Hidden Beauty of Seashells, Amanda Collett
  • 6 Ways to Use Sea Glass, Christeena H. Minopetros
  • Getting Crafty with Your Collection


  • Letter to the Editor, Evie Bailey
  • Beachcomber Interview, Lyntaga Smith, Sea Me Glow
  • The Sea is Secret: Beachcombing in Morocco
  • Beachcombing BINGO
  • Sea Glass Search Contest

On the cover: Rainbow of Australian beach finds by Rowy Marynissen

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