Beachcombing Volume 35: March/April 2023


Volume 35: March/April 2023

This issue features finds from beaches on rivers, lakes, and oceans around the world. Learn how to identify seashell egg casings, check out a collection from a couple who plan their vacations around beachcombing, and maybe help identify a mystery sea glass find from the Chesapeake Bay. And there's more from our global community of shellers, glassers, mudlarks, and rock collectors.

In this issue:

  • Mystery on the Beach, Michele Messick
  • Tales from the Riverbank, Jane Eastman
  • Down East to Down South, Rodie Kaiser
  • The Beauty of Lake Glass, Elaine Shea
  • Trash or Treasure? Identifying Florida Shell Egg Casings, Sarah Rosenbaum
  • Destination: Rincón, Puerto Rico, Kristin Batista and Virginia Whitted
  • Mudlarking: Coins, Tokens, Forgeries, Jason Sandy
  • A Passion for Beachcombing, Maryann Wadiak
  • Seas and Summits, Eric Davis
  • Recovery Begins at the National Shell Museum
  • Beachcombers and Glass Float Expo
  • Spotlight Artisan: Diane Kerr
  • How to Find a Beach with Beautiful Glass, Elaine Shea
  • 2023 Poetry Contest
  • Beachombrrr: Scenes from Winter Beaches
  • Beach Reads, Cindy Bilbao
  • Sea Glass Search Contest
  • Upcoming Events

On the cover: Antique ink bottle by Jane Eastman