How to find a beach with beautiful glass

By Elaine Shea

path down to beach

  1. Tap into your senses to find a new beachcombing spot. You will find more beauty where seagulls, spiders, birds, and crabs play, so push your body down those jutting rocks, hold tight, and step on shore.
  2. Don’t get discouraged. Some large flat beaches are dead ends, where no glass collects. It’s all learning and it’s all good: you may learn it’s time to search another beach.
  3. Try different times and places. Different seasons make for new adventures. Sometimes, stunning finds pop up in the mud when the water recedes after winter or at low tide.
  4. Take the path less traveled. Look for paths less traveled than public beach trails. Trails to coves, smaller beaches, and end-of-the-point beaches often yield more varied treasures. Watch for signs such as “Private Property” 
or “Poison Ivy”!
  5. There is no sure thing. Sometimes you’ll find one beautiful piece on a beach, and it’ll never happen again. It is the thrill of the chase that keeps devoted sea glass lovers outdoors, focused, eyes downward, back and arms stretched, and ending the day happy and worn out until next time.
  6. Keep safe on any beach glass trek. Always carry a phone in case of emergency—and to capture incredible snapshots. Wear a crossbody bag with car keys, bandages, and a crushable hat to help in sun, rain, and wind.

Good luck in your hunt for new beaches!

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine March/April 2023 issue.

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