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This will mostly be about the animals, but people love hearing all about your connections to the ocean and beach, what else you find, etc.

What is the scientific name(s) of the animal(s) you observe or study?

Where are they found? How does someone find them in nature? Do they live close to shore, deep in the ocean, etc.? Are they found elsewhere, or in a specific geographic location?

Do you need to take a boat, kayak, paddle board, canoe, snorkel, scuba, or something else to see them?

Are they relatively new or old evolutionarily?

Are they endangered? Is there something people can do to help them?

How long have you been observing or studying them? How did you learn about them?

How often do you get a chance to see them up close?

Have you or your someone you know made any surprising discoveries or had interesting experiences with the animals? Do you have a fun story about them?

What are your favorite/most interesting/most surprising things about them? Is there something important or particularly important about this animal?

What do you do when you're not around these animals, e.g., do you have a job, do you volunteer, are you a student or teacher, are you retired, etc.?


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