Beachcombing is mailed from New Hampshire via U.S. Periodicals Mail. The US Postal Service does not guarantee the delivery of Periodicals Mail within a given number of days, and your magazine can take up to three weeks from the day it is mailed to arrive in the continental United States.

Below is a map that shows the estimated time for the magazine to arrive at locations in the United States when mailed from New Hampshire.

where's my magazine

Delivery time depends on the mailing address, mail volume at central processing offices, and can even vary between different zip codes within the same city. If you live in the continental U.S. and your issue is late, please wait until the 15th of the month following shipment to request a replacement copy. 

For addresses outside the continental U.S., part of the delivery takes place via boat and can take up to eight weeks. If you live outside the continental U.S., please wait until the last day of the month following shipment before requesting a replacement copy.

When the magazine is mailed, every current subscriber receives an email with a link and a password to view the digital edition of Beachcombing magazine online. This way, everyone around the world can see the magazine as soon as it is mailed. The digital edition is an interactive replica of the print magazine, with all the same photos and stories, and clickable links on many of the pages.

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