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What is the name of the town/city/area?

Is there a good time of year to visit?

How many times have you been there/how long have you lived there?

Is there anything specific someone should pack or bring?

What do you like most about the area?

What is a typical itinerary for a visitor? Are there a lot of places to visit or would someone stay in the same general area? For someone who has never visited, it would be nice to hear about what a seasoned visitor or local enjoys, or something you've learned during your time in the area.

How hard it is to get there? Does a visitor need a car while they are there? Is the location close to an airport, train station, or harbor?


Do you have a favorite beach or coast or type of location there to beachcomb?

What do most people collect when they beachcomb there? Are there many other beachcombers?

What do you like to collect?

Where did the items you find on the beach come from originally? How did they come to be on the beach? Are they found elsewhere, or in a specific geographic location?

What are the beaches like there, for example, rocky, sandy, cliffs, etc. Do you have to walk or snorkel or hike or boat or dive or wade to find beach treasures there?

Are there any beaches or general areas you would recommend to fellow beachcombers?

What’s a good reason for a beachcombing fanatic to head there? Is there any significant difference between sea/beach glass hunting there and other places you know about?


What are a few fun things to do in the area besides beachcombing? Are there any quintessential experiences a visitor should have? Are there any beach-related organizations, museums, events, shopping areas, castles, amusement parks, bakeries, ice cream shops, etc. that someone shouldn't miss?

Any fun restaurant, bar, or hotel/b&b/Vacation rental recommendations?

Is there anything special about the location, the people, the food, or the beach treasures that make it one of your favorites?

When you’re exhausted from beach treasure hunting, what do you usually fill the days with? Do you sightsee? Relax on the beach? 


What do you like to collect? How long have you been collecting?

How often do you go beachcombing? Who do you most often go beachcombing with? What's your favorite time of day to beachcomb?

Have you ever found something really interesting, something you can't identify, or something that you particularly treasure?

Do you have a fun beachcombing story?

How much (gallons, pounds, boxes, rooms, etc) would you say you’ve collected over the years? How do you store or display your collection? What do you like to do with the treasures you find?

Describe your top 3 favorite finds:

What do you do when you're not beachcombing, e.g., do you have a job, are you retired, etc.?


Additional Comments (AKA the scoop! Feel free to talk about anything here!):


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