Glassing Magazine March/April 2018 Issue


March/April 2018, Vol 5



  • Collector Interview: Beverly McKean
  • Spotlight Artisan: Jane McHenry
  • Window to Our Past: Kris Braga
  • Sea Glass Swap
  • Glassing Sleuth: Pam O'Brien
  • Nuggets
  • Canine Combers


  • Sea Glass Crafts: Switch Plate Cover
  • Kelly Green Sea Glass: Rebecca Ruger Wightman
  • Sea Glass Wire Wrap Tutorial: Meg Carter
  • Tales of Whiskey and Ulysses S. Grant: Rebecca Ruger Wightman
  • The Sea Glass Necklace: 6 Different Ways
  • The Starfish (Is Not a Fish)


  • Colored Glass & Georgian Bling: Jason Sandy
  • Glassification: Categorizing Sea Glass: Rebecca Ruger Wightman
  • Sunken Pirate City: The Port Royal Earthquake of 1692: Delia O'Hara
  • Wild Horses of the Eastern Shore: Gemma Asher

Out & About


  • Book Review: Cindy Bilbao
  • Products We Love
  • Must Shop/Stop Here
  • The MarketPlace