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The Identicals

By Elin Hilderbrand

Hilderbrand, who is considered the queen of the “beach read,” is known for setting her books in Nantucket where she lives and writes. In this story the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard must share space in the book as the plot unfolds in both places and if you’ve ever been to either it’ll be particularly fun to read about the familiar vistas.

Titled The Identicals, the storyline revolves around a couple of pairs- twin sisters and twin islands, and their rivalrous relationships. The humorous first chapter reveals the competitive nature of the locals who call the islands their home. Is Nantucket better than Martha’s Vineyard? Those that live on either one believes theirs to be the superior piece of rock because all they can see are the differences. This becomes the metaphor for the rest of the book as estranged Harper and Tabitha who each live on the competing island, must break their decade’s long feud with each other in order to handle the mess their respective lives have become. The plot contains a very interesting family dynamic and cast of characters, lots of drama and secrets, sibling rivalry and gossip, emotional highs and lows, romance and heartbreak all finished off with a feel good ending.

The twins look exactly alike but have very different personalities and are really very opposite. Harper is impulsive and free spirited and doesn’t tend to make good decisions while Tabitha is a serious business woman who struggles with raising her teenage daughter alone while running her mother’s elite clothing shop. The twins will trade places and live the other’s life due to certain circumstances beyond their control and it becomes a true page turner just to see what lies around the next corner! Through all the turmoil the girls learn that they share a unique bond and that their differences actually help to heal their rift.

This book is brimming with all the charm of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard in the summertime. Step right off the salt-drenched ferry and into the lives of those who live on an island!

romance trapped in a storm


By Carian Cole

A blizzard strands Evelyn on the road, when a stranger stops by to help. He’s a famous rock star but doesn’t tell her. They become stranded together due to the storm and must spend 48 hours together in his truck. This story has some heat.

kate and william fiction

The Royal We

By Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan

Inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton, this is the fictional story of a how a regular girl studying at Oxford University meets the future King of England and gets caught up in an unconventional relationship.

modern comedy

The Assistants

By Camille Perri

Assistant to a billionaire boss, Tina mistakenly receives a check that could completely pay off her hefty student loan debt. When others in her office find out, they want in on the opportunity to manipulate their expense reports to pay off their debts as well. A fun read.

This article appeared in the Glassing Magazine March/April 2018 issue.

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