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When we come across something that's stylish, whimsical, elegant, or just reminds us of our love of the beach, we like to share it with our readers. Whether you're headed to the beach or out for the evening, following are some of the products we love, and hope you do, too!

sand-free blanket for beach

Leave the sand where it belongs! Sand shakes or brushes right off the soft and comfortable Line Infinitely sand-free beach or picnic blanket, which at 7' by 9,' is large enough to hold seven adults. 

waterproof beach combing shoes

Astral’s Women’s Loyak Water Shoe provides grip, durability and comfort in a sleek, high-performance water shoe—ideal for any and all beachcombing!

beach comber scoop

No more bending over at the beach with the adjustable Sand Dipper Jr. beachcombing scoop. Sift through sand and rocks, reach into the water, and even use as a walking stick on the way back from the beach.  

travel colander

Whether you're traveling or just like space-saving tools, collapsible colanders are a great way to rinse off your treasures when you get back from the beach.  

summer sleeveless dress

This easy-care lightweight and flattering sheath sundress is perfect as either an eye-catching summer dress or a cover-up. 

metal lobster earrlngs

These ocean-inspired earrings are custom cut then hand textured by Crystal, born into a family of Lobstermen and now married to one! Available in brass, copper, and aluminum with stainless wires.

road trip bag

Getting away this winter? Vera Bradley’s Weekender Travel Bag is the picture-perfect boarding bag, with plenty of compartments to organize all your road trip necessities. Available in plenty of solids and patterned colors.

eco ziploc bags

These reusable storage bags are great to bring snacks to the beach, carry treasures home, and keep your phone/camera/keys/wallet dry. When you get home, just pop them in the dishwasher to clean them for the next trip!

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