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sea glass colors

We all need a little more sunshine in our lives, especially during times of uncertainty. Rainbows have always represented hope, positivity, and acceptance—the promise of better things to come. When we asked for photos of your beach rainbows in early 2020, little did we know how much we would need things to brighten up our days. But you all answered with hundreds of gorgeous photos of your rainbow-colored beach finds and colorful rainbows on the beach. We are so happy to share just a few of the photos you submitted and hope that seeing them inspires you to find the color and light in your own world. We are all in this together and we hope these photos brighten your day as we share the beauty found by our global beachcombing community.

Maureen Wyer, Carrie Powell, Jaime Resendes, Karin Roberson

Maureen Wyer, Carrie Powell, Jaime Resendes, Karin Roberson

 sea glass rainbows

Terena Hillary, Maureen Wyer, Mary T. McCarthy

rainbow made with beach glass

Carol Burr @EnglishSeaGlassCo, Shannon Beckham

petoskey stone colors

Cassandra Tiensivu

 colorful beach and sea glass

Tracy Gilmore, Red Island Sea Glass, LMarie Allen

colorful beach rocks and sea glass

Machel Spence, Karin Roberson

 beach and sea glass rainbows

Mary T. McCarthy, Red Island Sea Glass, Karin Roberson

 rainbow colored beach rocks

Helen Butcher, Heidi Tauschek-Bentle

beach rainbows

Megan L. Mortimer, Cindy Cerefin, Philip Florov

 sea glass colors

Daniela Lindberg, Nicola McFarlane Young, Mary T. McCarthy

 rainbow color sand and sea glass

LMarie Allen, Suzanne Davis, Red Island Sea Glass

rainbows at the beach

Maureen Wyer, Leah Howell, Denece Teetor

rainbow at the beach

Caroline H. Baker

rainbow beach finds

Joyce bank, Mimi Chappelear

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine July/August 2020 issue.

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