Top 5 Beachcombing Destinations

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By Kirsti Scott

What’s on your beachcombing bucket list?

We asked thousands of beachcombers where they would most like to travel for a beachcombing getaway, if they could go anywhere. They shared their dream beachcombing destinations — places they’ve been to many times and spots they want to explore. Many listed specific beaches that they want to visit, and some named entire countries.

Chosen by beachcombers around the world, these are the top 5 beach destinations for sea glassing and shelling.

Are these locations at the top of your beachcombing bucket list?

If you have a favorite beachcombing location or one that you wish you could visit, feel free to leave a comment or take the Beachcombing Bucket List poll.

And, as always, happy beachcombing! 

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