The Bride Wore a Mermaid Tail

mermaid float

The Mermaid Parade at Olcott Beach, Newfane, New York

Sirens, sprites, and sylphs, oh my! The breeze was sometimes too stingy coming off Lake Ontario—the temperature almost hit 90—but it was a perfect day for a wedding. The third Annual Olcott Beach Mermaid Parade provided the perfect finale as mermaid Kim Richau and her pirate captain, Dean Bonds, exchanged vows on the boardwalk overlooking the water immediately following what has quickly become the little beach community’s premier event of the season.

parade of mermaids

Lakeview Village Shoppes business owner Rory Calabrese conceived the idea years ago and has become essentially the MerQueen of the festivities. Calabrese, who owns Nature’s Child gift shop on the boardwalk, promised marchers and watchers “the best and brightest version of this Annual and Epic event” and (with the help of unsung heroes Mary Sue Hardt and Karen Young , among others) she delivered, capping off the brightly colored spectacle with a full costume mermaid wedding, complete with pirate minister and a mermaid serenade.

Lifelong beach glass and mermaid lover Kim Richau had set her sights on a mermaid wedding long before the parade became a summer staple at Olcott Beach. “When I found the Mermaids’ Tears story, I fell in love and it became me,” said Richau. Spending countless hours on the design of her mer-gown, Richau was thrilled with the entire day and called her wedding, “Amazing.”

pirate mermaid wedding

Kim Richau and her beau, Dean Bonds, were married at the conclusion of the third Annual Olcott Beach Mermaid Parade.

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This article appeared in the Glassing Magazine July 2017 issue.

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