Show off your beach bling: Best beachcombing displays

Photo by Harry Ross

Finding treasures on the beach is just half the fun of beachcombing. The other half is coming up with ways to organize, store, and show off your collection! whether you choose to put your marbles in a gumball machine, your beads in a glass juicer, or organize your pieces in a tray, our readers have some wonderful ideas for displaying and storing your beachcombing finds.

how to display shells and sea glass

sea glass display ideas

From bowls to jars to bottles and more, there are plenty of stylish ways to serve up your bling.

storage for sea glass and seashells

display beach glass and rocks yooperlites

Beach finds look great organized in trays, shelves, frames, and more.

shelf and tray ideas for beachcombing finds

rock and beach glass storage and display

sea glass table shelves and frames

To make your treasures really shine, just give them a spot in the sun!

beach bottles on shelf

beachcombing glass shells display ideas

bottles filled with sea glass and beach marbles

fun ways to show off sea glass

Check out a short video of these sea glass, beach glass, sea shell, and beach rocks display ideas.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Magazine September/October 2019 issue.

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