Sculpted by the Waves and Fabulous Finds

book with checklist for beach combers

Sea glass hunters Lucy and Steve and their family spend weekends in Devon, England, scouring the sand for treasures to add to their collection. They created the handy Sea Glass Guide with information about beach finds, concise explanations, clear photos, and room to add your own notes. Next to each beach find is information and history about where it may have come from. The guide fits in a beach bag with your snacks and gear and features your name on the cover and checklists to track your growing collection. We’ll be sharing some of the pages from the Sea Glass Guide in this and future issues of Beachcombing. Learn more at

Sculpted by the Waves

sea glass bottle parts

sea glass vitrite bottle punk kickup mermaid nipple

seaglass piko heart boulder

Fabulous Finds

sea pottery figurine brick pipe

mermaid's purse sea bean cowrie shell

fossil sand dollar shark tooth beach sea

sea coin metal hag stone

All photos courtesy of Lucy Tapper.

This article appeared in the Beachcombing Volume 37 July/August 2023.

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